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18 March 2016

WIN Free Gadgets, Pen Drives, T-Shirts using Gokano

GOKANO is a new service that offers you gadgets, electronics, free t-shirts and many more things. The easiest thing to win are the pen drives yes, you can easily WIN a 16GB pen drive using Gokano. Now winning is just like a normal thing but it involves few things offered by many earlier sites that are now possibly gone, but this one is getting more and more fame with many more features adding on daily basis.


How you can WIN Easily on GOKANO ?

You might have this question in your mind that how you can WIN easily on Gokano, well the answer is something you already know, Gokano gives you the platform where you can gather points and in exchange of those you can purchase gifts. Now the bigger prizes are more costly so you need to have more points to get those big prizes.

How to Gather Points on Gokano ?

Now collecting points on Gokano could be done using 3 options, 1 one is getting your daily 1GN Point for signing in to Gokano. 2 is to complete the missions, well I must say missions are like a piece of cake, you just have select 1 option from 2-3 options depending on your choice, its like a survey they are doing for the companies and getting money from them for getting our reviews.

Now you get 1 GN point as a daily sign-in bonus, 1 GN point for inviting friend and 1 or more GN point to complete those easy missions.

What all you can WIN from Gokano ?

Now they have many things you can WIN, from Pen Drives to watches, to iPhone's yes they even have iPhone 6 in their list but that costs a good GN Points stack, so it an take some good time for you to WIN an iPhone 6.

gokano free gifts

gokano free pen drive shippedSo as you can see from the above image how the Pen Drive costs on 30GN points, so you can get 30GN points and get this thing shipped to your home right away.

My friend even got his first free pen drive gift from Gokano, you can see fro the image on the right, so you make good points you can take the prizes away.

How to Sign-Up for Gokano and Start Winning Prizes ?

Below are the steps mentioned to Sign-Up for Gokano and start winning prizes:

  1. Sign-Up for Gokano's Free Account.
  2. Now you need to enter your genuine information like your email, password and even enter your shirt size because when you will refer more then 20 members they will give you a free T-Shirt and you will even become their gold member.
  3. After successful Sign-Up you need to verify your account from your email address, just open it up and click on the Activate link.
  4. That's it now complete missions, copy your referral link and share it with friends, get them signing up for Gokano and see your GN Points Increasing.
  5. To get your daily bonus click the second option on the left and you will get your daily bonus.

So guys now you know how you can WIN some awesome gadgets and electronic products from Gokano easily. Just gather points and earn everything for free, you can see their Prizes page for all the products they give for free.