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09 September 2015

Apple iPhone 6S & 6S Plus Price, Features & Details

Apple event is yet to start but we have got the prices for both the new devices that are going to displayed in this event, the leak by Dutch carriers suggests a nice price point with few of its upgraded features mentioned below. Now the event is going to held at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco which has a capacity of 6000 peoples in house and they are going to see something really special.

apple event september 9th 2015

Apple will reveal iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, A new Watch OS 2.0, Apple TV 4 and iPad PRO. Yes there could be more things planned, but leaks usually just gives a glimpse on what basic we would be able to see.

Leaked Prices for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

So according to the Dutch Carrier report, below are the prices for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus for different models.

iPhone 6S (16GB) : $780 (€699)
iPhone 6S (64GB) : $892 (€799)
iPhone 6S (128GB) : $1005 (€899)

iPhone 6S Plus (16GB) : $892 (€799)
iPhone 6S Plus (64GB) : $1005 (€899)
iPhone 6S Plus (128GB) : $1116 (€999)

Prices are pretty close to the old versions and there is not much difference, but you are going to get few awesome things in these upcoming models, so lets check the features you are going to get in these new iPhone versions.

New Features coming in iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

  • Force Touch Display - The most talked feature is the Force Touch that is coming to these new iPhone models, with force touch you would be able to do more then one task using touch. Normally as you touch a action is performed, but now with force touch if you press your screen harder you can do more things using that, so its going to be great.
  • 12 MP Rear Camera – boom!, I know you all were waiting for the camera to be upgraded on these new versions well guess what apple listened to you and all the reviews from the market and they have upgraded the camera to 12 MP, well already 8 MP clicks some spectacular shots but now with 12 MP camera in  action, you would be able to record upto 4K videos that sounds interesting isn't it, well apart from that your shots are going to look great and sharing is going more often.
  • 2GB Ram – yes the ram is even upgraded on these iPhone models, which gives you the possibility to multitask the way you want to. With upgraded RAM's you would be able to record videos without LAG and much more. Everything is going to be butter smooth and easy to operate.

Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Prices in India

Now all the Indians who are reading this post might be thinking the price of these iPhone models in India, well according to the price mentioned above, if you include all those duty and other custom charges, the price could go pretty similar to iPhone 6 models, I guess iPhone 6S will cost you around Rs.55,000 approx. for 16 GB model and Rs.65,000 approx. goes for the iPhone 6S Plus model.

Other prices could vary according to the size and color, as earlier grey color was pretty costly and golden became cheap afterwards. So prices in India could be only declared after possibly 2-3 months as apple usually takes this much time to launch their products in Indian market.