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21 October 2015

How to Enable HTTPS Secure Protocol on Blogger Blogs

Blogger is the best startup platform for all the young and energetic bloggers who are trying to jump in to the line of blogging and sharing knowledge with the world as their part time duty, well now people are shifting their view on blogging from part time to full time as money making possibilities are increasing and people can actually make a good amount of money using AdSense platform, well you can check few awesome tricks that will help you in boosting your adsense revenue and even using the affiliate networks one can be sure that he is not moving in one direction with one source of income in mind, he can be sure in case of ban on adsense he is still up and running to make money from his blog.


Now earlier blogger introduced search preferences that was used to enhance and tweak up the SEO settings in blogger and now the one feature that everyone were for was HTTPS encrypted protocol for all the blogger blogs, unfortunately custom domain owners are still out of luck of using this feature but usual sub domain owners who still have their domain on blogspot domain like can take advantage of this feature by just enabling this feature in their blogger settings.

Advantages of Enabling HTTPS Connection on Blogger Blogs

There are 3 primary advantages to making use of HTTPS over HTTP to access your blogger blog site:

  1. It assists examine that your visitors open the proper site and aren't being rerouted to a harmful website.
  2. It assists find if an assailant aims to alter any information sent out from Blogger to the visitor.
  3. It includes security procedures that make it harder for other individuals to pay attention to your visitors' discussions, track their activities, or take their info.

When you enable HTTPS, visitors can access the encrypted variation of your blog site by typing

Enabling Secure Encrypted HTTPS Protocol on Blogger Blogs

Yes now this feature is available in blogger settings options, so check below on how to enable this feature on your blogger blogs using simple enable option.

  1. Open Blogger > Settings > Basic.

    bloger-HTTPS option
  2. Now you will see HTTPS Settings option over there, if you are on custom domain like I am you want be able to enable the HTTPS connection.
  3. If you are still on domain then just choose YES and HTTPS will get enabled on your blog.

So this way you can easily enable HTTPS connection on blogger blog, well there are few problems you might face after you enable HTTPS connection.

Fixing NON HTTP Error Issues Found in Blogger

You might face some issue that HTTP content is not loaded over the HTTPS connection, for that you can refer to this post by blogger team that gives you a solution so that you blog loads fine and content is delivered correctly.