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15 November 2015

Cheat Flick Home Run iOS Game for Unlimited Points

Flick Home Run is an awesome iOS Free game, that is similar to batting bowls just like in cricket but with a twist, now the bat you are using is your finger and you have to hit the bard hard enough to get a home run or score a long distance shot, the more points you get the more power ups you can give to your finger hence which allows you to get your bowl to travel a longer distance and make some records, now for a while you will enjoy the game but later it becomes a lot hectic to get higher score and hence get some power ups.

flick home run ios game

Well we will be solving this problem by using a free gaming cydia tweak called "GameGem" using this tweak we will be able to modify the point values and hence get you good score and even increase your power ups.

How to Get Unlimited Points in Flick Home Run iOS Game

So now lets jump into the tutorial to see how this all thing works, I have even created a video below that will show you this tweak I action.

  1. This tweak requires your idevice to be jailbroken, so make sure you have jailbroken your device, if you are on iOS 8 or iOS 9 you can do that by using PANGU, google it out.
  2. After that you need to install a free tweak from Cydia called "GameGem" just make a search for it, after that install it in your device.
  3. Now just open up your Flick Home Run game and play it for a while till you get some score in it.
  4. Now close the game normally and side by side open up the GameGem, now press the 1 option from top to choose the application.
  5. Just choose Flick Home Run from the list.
  6. Now enter the score you got in the values field.
  7. Make a search by pressing the magnification icon.
  8. It will show some results, but it needs to be one numeric figure, so till we get one simple figure we will continue our search.
  9. Now open your game once again from the multitasking view.
  10. Just play another flick and get another score value.
  11. Now again open the GameGem from the multitasking view and enter that new value and make another search.
  12. Now possibly you will get a single numeric number like 4 or so.
  13. Now just press the 123 option on the right of the results pane.
  14. Just mark all the fields and press the bottom right option to add a new modified value in it.
  15. Juts enter any value you want, for example enter 1000000 and press Modify values option to get a new score.
  16. Now open your Flick Home Run game once again and play another flick to see the new score popping in.

Boom, now your score is updated and you can easily utilize that score to increase the experience value and even get awesome power ups for free, you can repeat this process any amount of time and have some awesome fun.