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19 December 2015

How to FIX Open Live Writer Blog Re-Password Issues

Recently as you all know Windows Live Writer was taken down by google by not giving it access to use that old authentication to sign in to blogger account and post to your blog, as they have just enabled the new login protocol, so open live writer came into action as Microsoft has made the WLW as open source. We even posted on how you can setup your blogger blog with open live writer.

But today i faced another issue, after you login to your blogger blog, you will be able to your blog as you were doing it with Windows Live Writer but after you close your Open Live Writer software you will be presented with the forbidden error next time, so this means that you won’t be able to post to your blog.

Fixing Open Live Writer Forbidden Issues

So now to fix this issue you just need to do a small thing, add your password or app password in case you are using a 2 step verification for google account.

  1. So now open your Open Live Writer and navigation to Blog Account > Blog Options feature.

    open live writer blog options
  2. Now pres sthe Update Account Information option and then enter your password for gmail account.
  3. Make sure to not change the username that is added automatically, that is the token that is added automatically on access grant.
  4. In case you are using a 2 Step Verification then your regular password could not be used, you need to create a new password by visiting the App Password option on this page.
  5. Sign In and create an app password.

Thats it now Save your new information and let it download your blog settings once again, just wait it and it will get all the theme and other stuff automatically, after that you can post on your blog in a normal way.