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24 January 2016

How to FIX Thin Font Rendering Issue in Chrome Browser

Are you facing that thin font rendering issue in chrome browser that is making your reading webpages a lot difficult in chrome browser, well i faced this problem 2 days ago and i was so much in trouble as i thought something weird has happened to my computer and i need to restart it or even scan it for viruses, well to my surprise i did everything and nothing solved this issue.

Well if you are not sure what issue i am talking about please check the below video and see it yourself.

Now let me clear you i even installed some custom fonts in my windows fonts folder as i love to design stuff using the Corel Draw application and that involves the use of many different funky fonts, i removed all those fonts but still problem was not solved so i googled about it and got a nice solution that i am sharing.

Fixing Bad Font Rendering Issues on Webpages in Chrome

So now lets jump in and see how to FIX this issue.

  1. Well this involves a simple trick, you simply need to Enable the “Disable DirectWrite” feature in the chrome browser.
  2. Yes it sounds crazy that you need to enable to disable the directwrite feature but this thing makes it work.

    enable disable directwrite feature chrome browser
  3. Just open chrome://flags/#disable-direct-write link in your chrome browser by copying it and pasting it in the URL Field.
  4. Now click on Enable option and relaunch the chrome browser.

Thats it, this will fix the bad font rendering BUG in chrome and now your webpages will be back to normal, clean and readable. So if you are not able to follow the text tutorial, above video will show you a simple way to do so, so follow that and enjoy fixing this weird bug.