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13 January 2016

Remix 2.0 Android OS for Computers Free Download

Remix OS is our cutting-edge Android-based OS for computers. We imply it when we state you get a PC experience. Remix Mini permits you to work and have fun with the whole Android app environment while making the most of instinctive PC functions. Remix OS brings the charming Android experience to your computer system. It is based upon the Android OS & is entirely various. Lots of users are searching for Android OS for Windows. Lastly here is a main Android Version for Windows.

remix os 2.0

Remix OS is an Android fork that brings over a Windows-like Android experience. Jide, the business started by previous Googlers, produced hardware for Remix OS, however they actually chose to make the OS offered totally free for any individual planning to run Android on their computer system.

Beginning January 12th, you'll have the ability to download Remix OS from Jide, and after that run it on any x86 computer system.

You'll have the ability to log into your Google account, install apps, and do everything else you 'd do on a mobile phone or tablet running Android. However you'll do it with the aid of a keyboard and mouse. In the meantime, you'll get access to Remix OS 2.0 based upon Lollipop, and it is anticipated that Android 6.0 will quickly launch for Remix OS.

How to Install Remix OS 2.0 on USB Drive ?

It just install’s like a normal windows 8 or 10 and you'll require an FAT32 USB 3.0 flash drive with a minimum of 8GB of complimentary storage on it. Then simply rebooting your computer system and booting straight from that USB drive will make it work like a charm.

Download Remix 2.0 OS for PC for Free

  1. Download the Free Remix OS 2.0
  2. Now just format your 8GB USB Drive to the FAT32 format.
  3. Now you need to fire up the Remix OS USB Tool just like the tools we used to install windows from the USB Drive.
  4. This tool will be present inside the Remix OS .zip file you are downloading.
  5. Now process is same adding that .ISO file to this USB tool and choosing your USB Stick as the medium to install this OS on your system.
  6. After files are successfully added to your USB stick, just reboot your system and them press F12 or other key depending on your system to open up the Boot Menu.
  7. Choose the USB Stick from that Menu and installation will get started.

Thats it now wait for the installation to complete and you will be up and running the Remix OS 2.0 on your windows machine. Have fun and enjoy.