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24 February 2016

How DEADPOOL Movie Stunts are Done using VFX Tricks

Deadpool a 2016’s funny, humorous and action packed movie comes with alot of visual effects that gets the trick done easily. Well while watching it looks so stunning that we actually dive into the thoughts on how these actors risk their lives to get all those perfect shots. But behind every successfully stunt there is not WOMEN but VFX :p yes VFX short for Visual Effects is something done by PROS to get an realistic feel to an imaginary world.

How Stunts in DEADPOOL Movie are Created

So now as I cleared this question above that using VFX these stunts and everything related to it is created. To give you more clear view lets see below images and video.

deadpool movie effects (2)

Green Screens are used to get all the background removed and add anything behind the front scene.

deadpool movie effects (1)

Ahhh i know if you have actually watched the movie then you might have liked that tall 7.5’ character “COLOSSUS” yes he was tall but actually scene was shot by Stefan Kapičić a 6.4’ Serbian Actor. He looks tall too.

deadpool movie effects (3)deadpool movie effects (4)deadpool movie effects (5)deadpool movie effects (6)deadpool movie effects (8)

Now comes a lot of 3D stuff, well yes its not always about VFX but its used in combination to the 3D rendering software's like MAYA or something.

deadpool movie effects (7)

Another Green Screen effect that could be used without harming the character and get him peeping from the Sun Roof of any CAR. You would also use this effect.

Hmmmm so guys i hope you liked this post, do like and share this and i would strongly suggest you to watch this movie as it has already become the biggest X-Men movie ever created. And its funny too.