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18 February 2016

Cheapest Smartphone Available Now in India for Rs.251

Smartphones are taking a huge leap and getting in hands of every single individual, either he is a farmer or a business tycoon it can make your lives a lot easier. From all those awesome applications that can get your work done in seconds to all those funny games that makes your time pass away like this, we can do pretty much everything with a smartphone.

freedom 251 smartphone (2)

Now if you are dreaming of shifting from those brick types of Nokia 1100 to something new, latest and enjoyable then Freedom251 an Indian innovation by a newly formed company called “Ringing Bells” you can get your dreams true, yes that's right you can get latest Android Lollipop 5.1 pre-installed and even few awesome Indian application that can make few things easier.

Features of Freedom251 Cheapest Smartphone in the World

  • Android Lollipop 5.1 Pre-Installed.
  • Powered by 1.3 Ghz Quadcore Processor.
  • Supports 3G Network.
  • Screen Size 5” Approx.
  • 1GB Internal RAM, that's enough for movies and light games.
  • 8GB Internal Memory, Expandable upto 32GB.
  • 3.2MP Rear Camera and 0.3MP Front Camera.
  • Battery Life 15-16 Hours, 1,450 mAh Battery Installed.
  • Popular Apps Pre-Installed.
  • 1 Year Warranty with 650 Service Centers Spread across India.

Purchase Freedom 251 Cheapest Smartphone Online India

Yes the company Ringing Bells have started pre-ordering this device online on their website and you can right now do so and get your chance to get this cheap smart baby delivered to your doorstep by 30th June 2016.

How to Order Freedom 251 Smartphone Online in India

  1. Visit Freedom251 Smartphone Page Online Here.
  2. Now press the Buy Now button, in case you get the server error, well you need to wait few hours, as due to increase in traffic they are facing some bandwidth issues.
  3. Well that's going to be fixed and you would be able to order the smartphone online, pretty easily.
  4. That’s it now you will have to enter your address and make the payment and blah blah !!
  5. You know rest of the steps if you are online shopping enthusiast.

Note Remember to order the phone once, else if you order it second time then it will cancel the first one, that's I guess to stop over purchasing by vendors at cheap and selling it for pretty more.

So guys i hope this guide helped you in getting more INFO about the Freedom251 Smartphone device and you would be able to get one for you sure. Have fun and do get atleast one device to GIFT to someone in serious need.