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20 March 2016

Instantly Get Notified when Google Cache’s your Posts

Google cache is a backup image of the website or blog post that one can see if his blog post has been removed, deleted or the blog’s server is down, its a full captured image of any blog post with all the images, text and other scripts saved by google for the worst, bad connectivity times. Now usually if you are a blogger, you know till the time your post is cached you won’t be able to see any organic traffic from search engines, because that actually do not know something exists on your blog until their robots searches that new post.

Now cache process works on levels and the most popular site, you have with a good amount of traffic your blog post will be cached in seconds or minutes, but in case you have recently opened a new blog, then it can take days to cache your blog and even any of your blog post.

Get Email when Google Cache’s your Blog Post

What so ever the case is, in case you want to get notified when a new blog post you just published gets cached in google, then I have a simple and working method to do so and it works great.

  1. Visit
  2. If you are not already signed in to your Gmail account do that now.
  3. Now click the black area above, where it says “Create an alert about” and enter replace with your site’s URL.

    google alerts
  4. Now do settings as mentioned in the above image.
  5. In How often option, choose As-it-happens and then in How many option, select the All results option.
  6. Rest settings should be kept as default and then just press the Create Alert option.

    google blog post cache alert
  7. That's it now you will stat receiving email from google like above, as soon as your new blog post will be cached, you will start getting email with the blog posts mentioned in the email.

This could help you track how early your post is cached and which ones are done and which ones are still remaining. So guys I hope you will get benefited from this blog post and this could surely help you in making online presence more stronger and stable, do like, share and subscribe to HackingUniversity.