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07 March 2016

Increase your Writing Speed else your Notes will Delete

The Most Dangerous Writing App released fro online note taking claims that its going to increase your typing speed by thinking and typing fast. You cannot control the reset time, so if you pause for like 5 seconds it will remove your notes and hence you have to start all over again. Yes it seems a nice concept as people who are lazy could use this to start writing there notes and if they get lazy then they know that all their progress is going to vanish.

the most dangerous writing app

The Most Dangerous Writing App Online Note Taking

So as you can see above screenshot, how this app works as I started typing and paused fro few seconds my notes were gone and then I have to start all over again to write all those notes.

the most dangerous writing app settings

The Most Dangerous Writing App has a settings that you can choose to start your writing with, but with only one option you don’t have much things to configure, you can only choose a the duration of the Session hence for the time you are typing and you can not stop before the time clocks up.

So now its your time to start taking notes online and increase your typing speed else you know what is going to happen. I hope you enjoyed this new app post, do like and share this with your friends.