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21 March 2016

14 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Features Over iPhone 6S

Samsung Galaxy S7 was launched in 2016 in Barcelona. There is no doubt that it is the very best Smartphone from Samsung until now. It has actually got numerous advanced functions which are really amazing as well as offer you convenience. You can likewise state that it is much better than iPhone 6S. There are lots of functions on Samsung Galaxy S7 which are not available now on iPhone 6S.

samsung galaxy s7 edge

14 Finest Galaxy S7 Unique Features

So, in this short article we will discover some optimal functions of Samsung Galaxy S7 that makes it much better phone than iPhone 6S.

  1. High Resolution AMOLED Display

    Discussing the display screen quality on Galaxy S7, it has actually improved 2560 x 1440 pixel AMOLED screen. This feature cannot be discovered in iPhone 6, iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus making it greater than these iOS gadgets. For your information, iPhone 6S is with 1334 x 740 pixels resolution
  2. Pixel Density

    Galaxy S7 comes with 577 PPI pixel density, the iPhone 6S here has 326 PPI so the difference might not be huge but it shows the quality.
  3. Bigger Display in Less Size

    Samsung's Galaxy S7 beats iPhone 6S yet once more, this time in regards to screen to body ratio: iPhone 6S is 65.6% screen to body ratio while Galaxy S7 is developed elegantly to obtain 72.1%. So, exactly what does that indicate? It suggests that while S7 is with 5.1 inch display screen, the design is so well done that optimum display screen is covered on its body. Relatively with any 5 inch phablet, it will appear like a typical 4.7 inch sized phone.
  4. Double RAM

    RAM simply got doubled from 2GB in iPhone 6S to 4GB in brand-new Samsung Galaxy S7. However we have to wait and enjoy if it can supply some much better efficiency than those gadgets which were launched earlier.
  5. Dust and Water-Resistance

    Both iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S7 are stated to be dust and water resistant which suggests you can remain under water for 30 minutes. However there is still a distinction since Samsung Galaxy S7 has actually got IP68 accreditation, which shows it is water and dust resistant. However when it pertains to iPhone they do not have the accreditation to show it.
  6. More Pixels

    The Samsung Galaxy S7 cam has actually got 30% more pixels than Apple gadgets. Apple has 1.2 microns where as Samsung has actually got area for 1.4 micron pixels.
  7. Duel-pixel Tech

    Samsung simply got their hands on Canon's duel-pixel innovation for their brand-new Galaxy S7 variety. This function enables you to utilize all the pixels to catch and focus light.
  8. Memory Expansion

    You can now broaden your memory with external MicroSD card slot offered on Galaxy S7. This function was missing out on the earlier Galaxy gadget considering that long period of time now Samsung has actually reestablished the Galaxy MicroSD slot on S7. You can extend it as much as 200 GB by means of devoted micro SD card slot on Single SIM handset and on dual SIM, they have it as a hybrid slot. So induce your complete HD, Quad HD videos or perhaps 4K videos, Galaxy S7 will save them all.
  9. Better Camera Aperture

    The Camera aperture for iPhone 6 is f/2.2 whereas Samsung Galaxy S7 has actually got f/1.7 aperture which permits the gadget to record some great images even in low light.
  10. Faster Auto focus

    This function is necessary when recording fast pictures and even videos. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has actually got a much better Auto-Focus function than iPhone 6/6S specifically in low light conditions.
  11. Higher Battery Performance

    Battery backup of Samsung Galaxy is way much better than iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Plus. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has actually got 3000 mAh where as Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has actually got 3600 mAh battery. When it pertains to iPhone 6 it has actually got 1715 mAh and iPhone 6S Plus has actually got 2750 mAh.
  12. Cooling Water

    As compared to Samsung Galaxy S6, CPU efficiency on S7 is 30% faster and 3D graphics efficiency is 64% faster. Samsung Galaxy S7 gadgets utilize brand-new water cooling feature which can be seen on custom built desktops and other gadget. This feature could be seen in future apple gadgets but for right now Samsung leads.
  13. Fast Charging [Wired]

    Samsung Galaxy S7 gadgets have quick battery charging functions which can be triggered and shut down depending upon your choices. With this function you can charge about 60% of your battery in 30 minutes. This function is not readily available in iPhone 6S.
  14. Quick Charge [Wireless]

    You can rapidly charge your Samsung Galaxy S7 utilizing wireless charger. iPhone 6S does not have this feature till now.

So everyone these were the top 14 features that makes the Samsung Galaxy S7 a badass king and beats iPhone 6S to be the ultimate winner. I hope you liked this post, do consider looking at all the points, so that you next phone could be a killer. Do like, share and subscribe to HackingUniversity.