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13 April 2016

30 Mind Boggling Facts about Man’s Worst Enemy [PEE]

Pee (called SUSU in Hindi) is the man’s worst enemy, it can come anytime and anywhere either you are attending a conference or busy camping with your friends. Either you are watching a movie or you are proposing your love for a date, well there are more amazing things you need to know about Urination, Leak, Pee or SUSU whatever you call it in your tongue, that we are going to discover in this post.

30 Amazing Unknown Facts about Urine

  1. An individual pees 7 times on an average. If one pees more often or lower than that, it is not something to actually think about. Hmm yes it could be a problem, so better consult a doctor.
  2. A typical healthy individual's peeing lasts for about 7 seconds. If you felt that PEE emergency and you got it done in just 2 seconds, then it could be an Infection.
    people utinating
  3. The bladder of a grownup can hold anything from 300 to 500 ml of urine.
    teeth lightning using urine
  4. The Romans gargled utilizing their pee. This was done as Urine contains Ammonia and it helps in lightning your Teeth. Hmmm so are you planning for Teeth Whitening, now you have the solution.
  5. The body just keeps the important items, whatever is left the useless stuff is sent out through Urine.
    what your pee color says about you
  6. The color of your pee is a sign of your health. If it is clear then you are well hydrated, perhaps even more than needed, if it is light yellow then you are hydrated enough, if dark yellow then less hydrated, If it is brown then it might be a major liver infection, if red or pink then there is new blood in your urine. Check the above chart that suggest, What you Pee Color Says about You.
  7. If your pee has a sweet odor then it may be a sign of diabetes.
    nasty pee smell
  8. However if one's pee has a nasty odor then it shows that the kidneys are most likely spilling glucose or protein into the urine.
  9. Diabetes is referred to as 'madhumeha' in Hindi, which approximately means 'honey urine'. Indian doctors Sushruta and Charaka were most likely the very first to differentiate Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. It remained in circa 400-500 CE.
  10. There is a condition called oliguria, where you do not pee enough.
  11. Urea present in pee is an exfoliator. An artificial variation of urea belongs in skin moisturizers.
  12. Your pee includes 3,000 things consisting of salt, potassium and chloride.
  13. Usage of foodstuffs such as tuna, hot food and coffee can alter the smell of your pee.
  14. Urine was utilized to produce gunpowder, since of its nitrogen ratio. In truth, the approach that made use of pee was utilized for about a century.
  15. Bear Grylls is a professional survivor, who is likewise well-known for consuming his pee. More detailed to house, we had Morarji Desai who was a specialist of urine treatment that includes utilizing urine in numerous cosmetic and medical treatments and drinking of one's own urine.
    bear grylls drink own pee
  16. As seen on the Bear Grylls show on Discovery “Man vs. Wild, it not recommended to drink one owns Urine without Filtration process, as your Urine contains high amount of Salt which accelerates Dehydration process hence making your weak.
  17. There are 96 bags of urine, feces, and vomit lying around on the surface area of the moon in addition to around 1,81,437 kg of manufactured product.
  18. The middle ages fabric utilized urine thoroughly. In Elizabethan England, stagnant pee was utilized to color materials. The Romans likewise utilized urine to tan leather and bleach wool and linen.
  19. In the 1930s penicillin was really valuable. To save it, individuals utilized to remove it from the urine of clients who had actually taken in penicillin.
    pee shyness
  20. Parauresis or Pee Shyness is a condition that renders an individual not able to pee if there are individuals close-by.
  21. The Roman emperor Nero imposed urine tax. Urine was so valuable that merchants went from door to door purchasing pee. Nero saw the chance and took it. He imposed a tax which contributed to the royal treasury.
    chlorine with urine in swimming pool
  22. If you emerge from a public swimming pool smelling like 'chlorine' then it most likely implies that it is the odor of chloramine combined with human pee. The more strong the 'chlorine' smell, the dirtier the swimming pool.
  23. Stress Urinary Incontinence - Pee Leaks when you laugh, sneeze or workout. "I chuckled so hard, I peed" is an extremely legitimate expression.
    soldiers world war 1
  24. Throughout the World War 1, Canadian soldiers dipped socks or scarfs in their own urine and tied them around their faces, as gas masks. The ammonia in urine neutralized the chlorine and the water dissolved it, making it possible for the soldiers to breathe.
  25. Ladies in Rome utilized to consume the extremely dangerous Turpentine just making their pee smell excellent.
    jelly fish sting pee no help
  26. A fake Myth, if Jellyfish sings you urinating on that Sting is not going to help you out. Come on run for your life see a DOCTOR.
  27. A business called E3 Technologies utilizes urine to develop power. They utilize urine to produce hydrogen while eliminating the ammonia so that it is not launched into air.
    its pee o clock
  28. There is something called 'early morning pee', which is extremely acidic. The body secretes acids while resting, which leaves the body as waste throughout the early morning pee. And as the day advances the pee ends up being slowly more fundamental.
  29. The pee stream of ladies is broader than guys'.
  30. Unlike exactly what a great deal of individuals think, the very first time a child pees is not after its birth however when it remains in the womb. It begins peeing into the amniotic fluid.

So these were some of the most amazing and unknown facts about your own PEE, well I hope you got something new from this. Do like, share and subscribe for more future updates.