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11 April 2016

How Anant Ambani Lost 108 KG in Less then 18 Months

Obesity is killing everyone, a crave for sugar and modern appetizers make your health go down and you to look like a mature individual. Don’t forget by gaining you look dull and even your stamina and other things go down that impacts your life in a huge way. So today we have a case of Anant Ambani, son and grandson of a Business Tyccon (Mukesh Ambani and Late. Dhirubhai Ambani) well no matter how busy you are, you might have seen his older image once anywhere, maybe on the internet, maybe swinging the flag in the cricket stadium, well right now he is a sexy guy with no FAT on his body.

anant ambani transformation

Anant Ambani lost approx. 108 Kilos in less then 18 months and we are going to reveal his secret of his weight loss.

Secret Behind Anant Ambani’s Weight Loss Revealed

Anant Ambani was not a fatty kid from his childhood but a dose of strong medication gave him that fatty fatigue. He used to have a problem of chronic asthma for which strong dose of medication was being used, that actually made him look fat and gave him that obesity based body structure.

So how he managed to loose 108 Kilo’s in less then 18 months, well this was done by huge determination and will power, full exercise and no sugar diet gave him this lean appeal.

  1. Daily Walk – He used the universal formula to loose weight, a daily walk of 21KM made him sweat and helped him in loosing weight.
  2. Yoga – Yoga was must for increasing your will power and getting depression free, that gives your body a strong feeling that anything could be achieved.
  3. Weight Training – GYMing could not be bypassed if you are loosing weight, as what ever you loose needs to be tighten up else your SKIN will loose and would be a floppy thing.
  4. Functional Training – Stretching your body, doing pushups, bar-tendering are few things included in this category and its a must for making your body lean and flexible.
  5. Lot of CARDIO – Yes cardio is a must for the person loosing weight, it can make you sweat like hell and you can be sure that you are doing everything in SYNC with all the modern machines.

Well this was the routine followed by Anant Ambani for shedding that huge weight from his body. Well the main thing is his Will Power he was strong and steady and committed to shed that weight for his 21st Birthday. And yes he did it. Well people who used to make fun of him are now grounded as he is the richest and leanest KID now.

I congratulate Anant Ambani and I am pretty inspired by him for what he has done, maybe my resolution for this year will be postponed to next year for loosing weight :p ahh whatever, lets be happy, I hope happiness will help me in loosing weight automatically.