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14 April 2016

How to Implement Facebook’s Instant Article Feature

You might have seen this working on many bigger blogs, that whenever you click on any article from the renowned page it opens up so fast, well that is what the Instant Article is all about. Your feeds are synched automatically and whenever you click on the article it pops up instantly, so there is no delay in loading your content.

facebook instant article preview

Well earlier this feature was available to selected, bigger publishers but now Facebook has made this available to all the publishers, hence anyone can sign up and start Instant Articles on their Facebook page.

Instant Articles for Facebook Demo Video

How to Start Using Instant Article Feature from Facebook on your Page Right Now

Yes if you are a blogger then you might be thinking this feature could lend some more page views as people who are reading your blog would not have to wait to see your article. So if you want you can start using this feature but Facebook will still manually verify if you are eligible to use this or not depending on your blog posts.

So lets check out how you can implement Instant Articles from Facebook feature on your Facebook page with your Blog.

  1. Sign Up for instant Articles at
  2. Now it will ask you for your Facebook Page on which you want to start using the Instant Article feature.
  3. Choose the page and press NEXT.
  4. Now there are few things you need to do in order to Start Using Instant Articles feature on your Facebook Page.
  5. Claiming your website URL, so now after you have pressed NEXT above you will be taken to a new page, where it states all the things required to start using Instant Articles.
  6. You can read all that to understand better on how you can start using this awesome feature and making your articles instantly viewed by any reader of your page.
    claim URL facebook
  7. So you scroll down and you will see a Claim your URL, option click that and copy the META Tag which you need to paste in your Blogger or Website right below the <head> tag.
  8. So if you are on Blogger, open Template > Edit HTML.
  9. Press Ctrl + F and search for <head> tag and paste that META Tag right below the <head> tag.
  10. After you paste the META Tag, simply Save your Template and navigate back to URL Claiming page and enter your Website’s URL and press the Verify Button.
  11. Then you need to add your RSS Feed URL, you can do that by by using your Blogger RSS Feed URL like below, just change with your blog address.

  12. That’s it, now you save this and choose nice styles for your Instant Articles, you can see Styles below.
  13. You can choose colors, logo and everything, just select the best combination and press Save.

That's now you need to wait for sometime for Facebook to pick your articles and show them out. You can also install the Pages Manager App for Facebook to manage your page easily on your phone and customize everything from there.