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02 May 2016

How to Get YouTube’s New Materialistic Revamped Design

Google is making a lot of changes in its own design and all the sister directories running under one of which YouTube is the biggest of them all and drives a lot visitors and as Facebook is working to bring a much more convenient environment to view videos online, its important for Google to provide a very unique experience on YouTube so that it can retain all the people to stay on its site for long.

youtubes new materialistic design by google

Well this could be done using a faster and more clean looking design that its been developing and will be making as default in few weeks but if you want to test the new design you can do it right now using a small trick by which we will be removing all the recent cookies and injecting the new to see the new design loading up.

Get YouTube’s New Improved Design Change by Google Right Now Easily

So lets check how you can get this awesome new YouTube’s materialistic design right now using a simple trick.

Remember In my testing I found that if you are logged out of your YouTube account then this new design will work, else as soon as you login it will revert you to the older design.

  1. This will work on both Chrome and Firefox browser.
  2. Open
  3. Now press Ctrl + Shift + I on chrome and Ctrl + Shift + K on firefox and shift to the Resources Tab.
  4. Under Resources Tab you need to clear the Cookies for like in the image below.
    clear youtube cookies to get new design
  5. After you clear your cookies you need to shift the Console Tab and paste the below code into it and press Enter.


  6. That's it now refresh your YouTube page and see the new awesome design already implemented for you.

This is how you can experience the new YouTube page design easily and that too right now in your chrome or firefox browser. I hope you enjoyed implementing that new design, do comment if you faced some problems executing that script.