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19 May 2016

How to Re-Publish Old Post in Blogger in Present Date

We create content everyday and we get to notice many modification that can happen in that post after some time. Either its link’s stop working or something needs to be updated in that post for it to look and work properly. This is even necessary for the blog owner to update his old post either in blogger or wordpress to new content so that the content remains fresh and working.

Now if you are on Blogger then re-publishing old post to current or present date is quiet easy. You can easily update your post, like change content, maybe add or remove some images and do all the modifications and then follow below steps to re-publish that post to current date very easily.

Updating and Re-Publishing Old Post in Blogger to Current Present Date

Now lets check below all the simple steps that will help you in doing this thing easily on blogger.

  1. Open Blogger > Posts > Press Edit on any post that you would like to update and re-post in current date.
  2. Now make all the changes, whatever you want to add or subtract from the post you can do that and then on the right.
    publishing feature on blogger post editor
  3. Press the Publishing TAB and under that you need to press the Automatic option and then press Done. Check the above image for the reference on how I have done.
  4. Now you can press the Update option to get the post updated and published in Current Date.

This will enhance your users experience as they are going to get fresh and working content Everytime. I personally recommend to update all the old post so that you can easily fix all those broken links and even update the post with working content.