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11 May 2016

Use WhatsApp on Windows PC with Official Desktop Client

People are connected together all around the globe using WhatsApp network, either they are using this for personal or business use but whatever the case is WhatsApp is truly incredible social networking client that one can use to stay connected and to share stuff with people all over the world for free.

whatsapp official desktop client download

Some time back WhatsApp launched its platform for easier access to their whatsapp account using online browser. Where you can easily scan the barcode and mirror your whatsapp on web to easily chat and share media with everyone.

Earlier this we posted an unofficial way of using the bluestacks software to use whatsapp on desktop computers. It was he best way as we were emulating android on windows and using that we can easily install any application and use it on windows computer.

We have even posted many other awesome tricks for whatsapp and other awesome tutorials that make your whatsapp experience a lot cooler, you can check the whatsapp section for more details.

Today we have another good news, now whatsapp has officially launched its desktop client that enables you to use your whatsapp account on your windows computer.

But there is a sad part, its the same as the online web client they launched earlier but just emulated in the desktop app. You once again need your phone to be connected to the internet after you scan the barcode and that thing sucks.

Personally I did not like this desktop version and I will still stick to the web client in case I want to use whatsapp on my windows computer. As using web client is pretty handy, you do not need to download any software but just scan the barcode on your browser and you are up and running whatsapp on windows.

Download WhatsApp Official Desktop Client for Windows Computer for Free

Still if you want to download and use WhatsApp using this desktop client then you can click the below link and download the desktop client. Its free and takes few minutes depending on your internet speed. The size of the application is approx. 60MB.

Download WhatsApp Desktop Client

I hope you will set your own personal remarks on how you personally liked this desktop version. Below is the area for smashing your comments with some quotes. Have fun and enjoy.