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08 June 2016

Uninstall any Antivirus or Security Program in Windows

Security programs are essential and we usually tend to try many different programs depending on their security levels and the way they work. Some are very powerful but they can drain the CPU power and some are light but they tend to work light too. We have posted a list of top security programs that work great and are awesome too. We have even posted many free versions of Antivirus either they are officially free or few of them are being passed on as a promotional offer.

But in this race we usually end up installing and uninstalling many programs that we do not use and would like to make a shift. Well you can use some nice uninstaller liker REVO Uninstaller which is one of the best programs that scans and removed files, registry entries and shortcuts but we also have a nice application for removing any sort of security software installed in your windows machine.

The ESET AV Remover is a simple program that works fine, it scans and removes any security product installed in your machine. So in case you are planning to install a new antivirus software then this will help you to remove the old one easily.

Remove Antivirus or Security Software's from Windows Easily with ESET AV Remover

ESET AV remover is a free application and can work on any windows machine depending on the BIT of OS you are using. We have posted two versions below one is 32Bit and second one is 64Bit.

av remover for removing any security programs

Download 32 Bit

Download 64 Bit

After you have successfully downloaded and installed this software, simply scan your machine to find any security suite installed on it. Then you will get a list of software's like in the above image. Simply tick the ones you need to uninstall and then press Remove.

That's it now it will remove everything related to that software stored in your machine. After that you can easily install any new product. I have posted a video below I hope this will help you out.