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26 July 2016

Get Free Shipping & 1 Day Delivery in Amazon for Free

Amazon has just rolled out Prime feature to the Indian E-Commerce version of its portal that is famous all over the world for online shopping. They have this feature on their International version for many years, and people are relishing this fantastic feature by getting free shipping and 1-2 days delivery of their products.

amazon prime

Earlier Flipkart launched this sought of thing with name “Flipkart First” they charged approx. Rs.500/Year for their service and they also gave pretty much the same thing. But I left shopping on Flipkart due to the increase in many prices as compared to Amazon and best delivery experience via Amazon has been awarded.

Now I was eagerly waiting for something similar to be launched or at least Prime to be added to the Indian version of Amazon and voila! We have it now; you can opt for a 60 Days Trial pack for Prime, this way you can test the feature, how it works and what all you can do with prime.

Opting for Amazon Prime and Getting Free Shipping and One Day Deliveries of Products

To avail this, you need to opt for the Prime feature which is currently available as a 60 days trial pack and then you can pay Rs.499/Year to get this awesome service. They have once again reduced Rs.1 to compete with Amazon; they are clever, aren’t they.

Activate Amazon Prime Trial

So after you Sign-In to your amazon account, you will have 60 days of free trial for the Prime, then you can pay as low as Rs.499/year to get full working prime on your amazon account.

How to Check for Products that have Prime Feature on them for Free Shipping & 1 Day Delivery

Now point comes how you can check which products come under Prime, yea you get it right not all the products are covered under the Prime service, but bigger companies provide this Prime feature, it's similar to the Amazon Fulfilled, so all the ones that were earlier under the Amazon Fulfilled are covered under the Prime Feature.

You just need to check for the Prime logo and then order the product; then the shipping would obviously be free for that product but 1-2 day delivery depends on your city if it's available then you will surely get that product delivered to you in 1-2 days time.

amazon prime service

As you can see I made a search on Amazon and then I filtered those search result's using the Prime option, then all the products that were covered under Prime were displayed.

Check Prime Products

You can check some Prime Products above just filter the results using the Prime option and then you can get these products for free.

So according to me, this is going to be a big hit, as whatever Amazon does, they do it practically, and they fulfills everything. So now visit the Prime page above, and get your account registered under 60 days trial for Amazon Prime. I hope you will enjoy free shipping.