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14 July 2016

How to Create a Fruit Infused Natural Hookah - Shisha

If you are aware about Hookah or Shisha its been in the trend these days and people all over the world are enjoying the natural flavors with some twist of Tobacco to make them relax. Now having Hookah is nothing less then Cigarettes it contains same toxins and chemicals that affects your body but still its considered to be less harmful then having a cigarette. Well whatever, either it harms more or less, it still burns your body from Inside.

hookah from fruits

Remember If you are below 18, you are not allowed to have any of these Tobacco based products, this limit is intended to Indians, I am not sure about the outer laws.

Create a Nice Hookah Setup from Natural Fruits, Make Natural Shisha

Now what I have today is a fruit based natural Hookah you can create using Watermelon, some fruits, a silicon pipe and coconut coal (as its said to be less harmful.)

So I have embedded a video below, so have a look at it and create some good Shisha for your Birthday Party. Makesure you have Hookah responsibly, as the more intake you do, the worst it can make your body. (A small tip, make sure to have a nice ICY drink while having Hookah it makes everything smooth and will not make your head to bounce hear and there)