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30 July 2016

Dangerous Dave like Interesting Puzzle Flash Game Online

Dangerous DAVE was one of my favorite PC Game I used to play back in those days.I was very fond of that game and I used to visit with parents on Kitties to their friends house and I used to play that game on their computers. They had many other games but DAVE PC Game was one of my favorite, those levels, that got harder and harder on every success and some awesome memories.

dangerous dave pc game

If you forgot which game I am talking about, check above screenshot you will start recalling your childhood, this was the game i hope everyone interested in games and who ever had computer back that time might have played.

Apart from tis there were many more titles that were famous and popular but this had some nice feeling of crossing those bridge, using jetpacks and even killing those flying aliens.

Now I cannot say the game I found is same to this one, but still as I played the game I found the gaming structure looked pretty similar but this time you only have game in 2 primary colors.

Inversion Flash Game Online for Free

The game is called “Inversion” or “Down is UP” so called on the website I took this game from, you can play simply using the W S A D keys to move your character.

Awesome part about this game is that when you see some arrow and you touch it, the game inverses itself and then you need to cross the level with some twist.