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29 July 2016

Get all your Official Android Tips & Tricks under one ROOF

Google has rolled out a dedicated Tips and Tricks page for Android users to make their daily working a lot easier and productive. The majority of people are using Android and all the first time users face few difficulties utilizing all the excellent features of Android.

This dedicated website tends to remove all your doubts and make your Android running experience a lot smoother and enjoyable. There tagline states “Discover ways to get the most out of your Android device.” So that means you will get more from your Android device after checking all official tips and tricks.

android tips anda tricks dedicated website

Their site is divided into different sections, so you can access all those sections to see different tips and tricks for that particular category. I have created a GIF image below that demonstrates how you can navigate through various sections of this website.

android tips nad tricks website categories in action

Official Tips and Tricks Website for Android from Google for Solving Queries

Android Tips Website

Just visit the website (link above) and you will see categories like above, just choose any category and then you will see all the tips and tricks in boxes. If you want to look more about that trick, just click that box and you will see an enlarged view showing you steps to resolve that issue.

android tips nad tricks website

As you can see from above, this is how you will see trick when you click on the small boxes under categories.

Google has started this to make Android users experience more enjoyable; Android is getting a good majority of users, and this is a good step for the amateurs to start exploring more impressive features that you might be avoiding till now.