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09 July 2016

How to Get Unlimited Photos Storage in Google Blogger

You might be aware about the limits google imposes on uploading images to its servers. You are allotted with a 15Gb of space that covers everything on google, either you use Gmail, Google Photos, Blogger and even uploading images to Google+. So all this space is shared among the services you use on Google.

Now you might have got an increase in your space by following the security checking steps that google introduced two times, that got me another 4Gb of space making total of 19Gb.

Now personally I do not use Google+ much, but I am running this blog on Google’s Blogger platform, so every single image that is uploaded gets uploaded to the Google Photos service.

Now if I had to upload all these images in original quality like the one’s that cross 2500 x 2500 resolution its going to count towards the limit. And then google came with another option if you upload images with lower resolution its not going to count towards the limit. But still its lacked few things and we can obviously run out of storage if you are posting content with lots of images that too in high quality, well you can always opt for some extra storage if you would like and that costs you pretty less on monthly basis.

Trick to Upload Unlimited Images to Google Photos and Blogger Blogs

Well today I will show you a simple trick that will help you in uploading unlimited images in higher resolution to Google Photos or Google’s Blogger platform for free.

  1. Visit Google Photos Settings. (If you are not signed in to your gmail account, you need to do so.)
    google photos settings
  2. Now you need to tick the Higher Quality option, as I have done in the above image.
  3. This way google implements its file compressor and reduces the file size to give you best quality and unlimited storage.

So guys now no matter how many images are being uploaded to your Google's blogger blog or google photos, they are not going to be counted against the space that has been allotted to you. You can upload as many images as you want and enjoy.