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02 August 2016

How much GB of Data Space is there in one Yottabyte

We are aware of KB, MB, GB, TB and some of you might go beyond that to maximum PB which is short for (Petabyte). Now usually you won’t be dealing with such figures as your phones have GB’s, memory cards are in MB’s and probably you might have created a custom gaming computer and to store all those big awesome games you have opted for the TB hard drive.

But what about after TB and PB are there any figures we can count on, what about all those data centers being developed by Google, Microsoft and other big online ventures.

Do they have a more sophisticated approach to these Data spaces? Well, today we uncover the truth about the Yottabyte a unit that can get the whole world in Debt if processed to create something like that.

How BIG is a YOTTABYTE ? It could Cover the Whole Internet & Still be Hungry :)

Below infographic explains how much data could be stored in Yottabyte, how much space does it have and how much it would cost to build a data center with Yottabyte of space.

For Short Yottabyte = 1,000,000,000,000,000 GB (Do Math’s :p)

how big is Yottabyte