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12 September 2016

5 Things you need to know about Bluetooth 5.0 Update

Bluetooth has worked as an essential part in everyone’s life in these recent years with the evolution of Wireless Headphones and Ear Phones. Apart from wireless song streaming many do even use Bluetooth to connect there mouse to their computer and use it as wireless. We have even posted some awesome Bluetooth hack app earlier that was used to prank your friends.

bluetooth 5.0  coming in 2017

Another trick was to automatically locking down your computer using Bluetooth that's awesome too. But now as technology evolves the technology behind Bluetooth also needs a upper shift.

So Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has announced a newer version for Bluetooth which is 5.0 that will come equipped with some new innovative stuff, you can have increase in speed, more coverage and alot more, so check all the feature below.

5 News Features we will see in Bluetooth 5.0

These are confirmed features we know right now, maybe there could be some more that may come as a surprise but who know what future will give us, only time will tell.

  1. It will be Faster – as being a major update we are looking as speeds nearly Twice 2x in this new update. The earlier version 4.2 LE will be upgraded and have a boost in transfer rates maybe ranging too 2mbps roughly.
  2. Wider and Long Range – yes SIG group has confirmed that 4 times the range would be the key point of this new update and you would be able to connect with more devices. That means while streaming audio from your phone to your car won’t stop you from being on the back seat or even going out to dance while having phone in your pocket, you could change songs from anywhere being a good distance as claimed by the group.
  3. Need New Compatible Hardware – this is a sorry part from people but its the same case as Apple released every new device they make you bound to use there new hardware to avail that awesome feature, now obviously many 3rd party apps to the stuff but you know the original quality can never be redeemed. So its the same in Bluetooth 5.0 too, you need compatible hardware to avail Bluetooth 5.0 functionality. And to stream songs too both parties need to have Bluetooth 5.0 for compatible streaming or sharing.
  4. More Location Aware – kind of weird but yes more location aware means that either you are outside the room and person is inside, you would be able to make the sharing possible in this scenario also, well this will be tested after its official launch.
  5. Launching Soon – maybe late 2016 or early 2017 we will see this new Bluetooth 5.0 update rolling. Many new flagship devices launching early 2017 are supposed to have Bluetooth 5.0.

So this ends another informative post about Bluetooth 5.0, I hope this will enhance your streaming and sharing to a good extent, do comment below what do you think about this new update.