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08 October 2016

Skin4Gadgets Laptop Skin, iPhone Skin & Case (Review)

Skins and cases might be the best option to secure and protect your gadgets from falls, scratches and even dirt that might harm back and front of your gadgets. Either you own a smartphone, a laptop or any gadgets like portable charger, these skins and cases could be the best option for you to protect them and keep there shine intact.

skin4gadgets laptop skins

Well now today we will be reviewing few products from Skin4Gadgets team, I am thankful to Mr.Vikas for sending these products and even waiting for so long for me to review his products and pass a review. So sorry Mr.Vikas for the delay but here you go.

Now to all the readers this is an honest review as I am using the skins and cases so its nothing like a pampered review thing but what is good its good and what is not upto the mark its that only.

Skin4Gadgets Dell XPS 13 Laptop SKIN Honest Review PROS & CONS

I requested for Dell XPS 13 laptop skin as that is the current laptop I am using and to be honest first Vikas and me got little confused if my laptop is an ultrabook or notebook, so he sent me a skin that was BIG in size, I tried using that on my Dell XPS 15 but it was small for that, probably it was for a 14” laptop (GOD Knows)

But Vikas was kind enough to send me another one that fits pretty well but there was a little thing you need to note, the corners were little extra, so I used nail cutter to trim those and rest everything was good. The SKIN was dam ! awesome, fit was great and it is really protecting my laptops top part from scratches and dirt.

I have done a video where I am shown all the contents of the SKIN you are going to get and how it looks after I am applied the SKIN, check that below.

dell xps 13 2015skin4gadgets dell xps 13 laptop skin

As you can see in the above image, the SKIN looks really awesome, my skin was called Majestic LION (really superb).

Quality of the SKIN is dam! great, it has some grains texture to it, its thick and won’t peel away soon unless you have accidently pluck it out from corners or you can not pasted it properly earlier.

How I applied this Laptop Skin on my Dell XPS 13

Applying Skin4Gadgets Laptop SKIN was a breeze, you just need to align the skin properly before applying and then you need to make sure that you have some sort HOT Air thing (Use Hair-Dryer) to blow the skin and press all the corners and edges. That’s it, you SKIN will be applied and you can use your laptop easily.

Either water spills on your laptops top or you keep some coffee cup that leaves stains, there is not problem you can easily use Collin to wipe out all the stains. Its that easy.

skin4gadgets awesome laptop skins

You can see they have some awesome SKIN designs for different laptops with different sizes. The pricing is decent too, you can get SKINS starting from Rs.99 (pretty cool).

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Skin4Gadgets iPhone 6 SKIN Review

I even received SKIN for my father’s iPhone 6, Vikas told me to choose a design and I chose the silver 3d pattern one. Below are the captured shots for the SKIN applied on my iPhone.

skin4gadgets iphone 6 skin (1)skin4gadgets iphone 6 skin (2)skin4gadgets iphone 6 skin (3)

As you can see I have few scratches on the back of my iPhone 6 but using this SKIN every single scratch gets hidden + now its even protected from any stains and dirt, well I should have used these SKINS from the moment I purchased the phone but I love to use cases more then these SKINS (personal choice)

Coming back to the SKIN, personally it was little difficult for me to apply this SKIN on my iPhone, so make sure you have some skills else, take the SKIN to some professional, he might apply it in the best possible way. Another thing is if you are applying the SKIN and somehow you mess up, don’t worry simply peel it and apply it again, the GUM sits perfect once again.

Make sure to use hair-dryer over here also, to set everything perfectly at its place. REST the quality of the SKIN is good too, front is not that great but back part is awesome.

Style is good too, they even have some awesome styles, I was not creative enough to choose a design but as you can see they have some quality designs for pretty much every smartphone.

skin4gadgets iphone 6 skin designs

Pricing for the SKINS is not bad, you can get SKINS around Rs.200 that’s a starting one but that depends phone to phone, so you need to navigate through there site to see all the designs.

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Skin4Gadgets iPhone 5 Case Review

I even received a case for my iPhone 5 but it was disappointing. I thought the quality will be good as I loved the laptop SKIN, but case quality was bad, it even did not have any rubber padding inside like I got in the Lumbr case.

skin4gadgets iphone 5 case (1)skin4gadgets iphone 5 case (2)

Yes I chose the same Majestic LION pattern for my iPhone 5 case but even the printing was not that good. Colors were dull and I assume printing will also get erased in a matter of days.

skin4gadgets iphone 5 case (3)

As you can see in the above image, the printing problem, even the inside corners were not smooth, that leads me to a conclusion that if your iPhone drops you might be getting some scratches on it due to these jagged corners.

Rubber padding is must inside these cases, it protects from bumps and drops as it absorbs all the shocks.

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Conclusion – Well from my point of view, go ahead with the Laptop SKINS and SKINS for your mobile phone, there quality is good and will definitely protect your devices from scratches and dirt. But I won’t recommend the CASE, I am not sure about other cases but the case I got fro my iPhone 5 is not upto the mark.

So I hope you enjoyed reading this honest review about the SKINS and CASES for Laptop and Smartphone by Skin4Gadgets. I once again thank Mr.Vikas for sending me these products. I would definitely order some different SKIN design for my laptop for sure.