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04 July 2017

Get Reliance JIO Network Tower Installed & Earn Monthly Income

Want to make some monthly recurring income and even make your JIO network strong, well then its time to pass your land to them and let them install their network tower at your place for more strong network coverage and even for making some extra monthly cash. Not only you will be able to get a price for your land but one of your family would even land a JOB in Reliance JIO Network for around Rs.15000/- as a starting salary. So if you are interested then continue reading the full post.

reliance jio network tower

Its not a guaranteed deal or first cum, first serve sort of stuff, it all matters on the area where your land or plot is, it needs to be in a suitable area where access is easy + they should really be thriving to have a tower at your place or area. So lets see some key points about this whole tower installation process.

How much Money will you Make after getting Reliance JIO Tower Installed

Well the price obviously depends on the area where your land is, but according to stats, minimum starting amount is around Rs.25000/- which is not bad, renting your space to a reputed company for a long period with guaranteed returns and another thing which you are going to get is a JOB for your family member for around Rs.15000/- as starting package, so all over you would be making around Rs.40000/- monthly on long term basis (not bad), well I am in for this deal but unfortunately I only have this site where I can only host the image of there tower and nothing else :p

Few Requirements & Conditions for getting Tower Installed

  1. You need to have around 500 sq ft of space on roof or 900 sq ft. of area on land, this could be less or more depending the area and other objects.
  2. You area will be leased for minimum of 20 years, that’s how these companies implement the British Rule, but you can obviously have a clause of rent increase yearly or so.
  3. Agreement should not be broken before time or money shall be returned accordingly. Obviously if you have given your land and taking a hell lot of without hard work money then, agreement matters.
  4. There is a clause of Rs.10,00,000/- that needs to be deposited by company, well I am not sure about the reference for the company for whom its made. But Ten Lakh seems a BIG amount.
  5. You have to pay around 8% legal, stamp & other misc. charges, well 8% rule might have pumped up after GST, full clarity after conversation with the company.

How to Apply for Reliance JIO Tower to be Installed in your Premises

If you are really interested after reading all the perks above and you would love to get Reliance JIO Tower installed in your premises, then follow below steps and who knows your area could be the GOLD SPOT.

Visit this link

  1. You need to visit the site link given above.
  2. Next you will see some fields to fill, well do that because you need to do some hard work before you make some real cash, isn’t it.industowers form filling page
  3. After you fill this first form then just click on the Submit button and then you will be prompted to fill few more details, like your city and state and even the coordinated where your location is.
  4. Well that step is important, because that will only determine if your place is eligible for the tower installation or not.
  5. So make sure you take some time to fill all the details and even search your place on maps, as it does not have a search feature.
  6. After you have done, so just Submit the form and wait for there reply, it can take a good amount of time, due to large number of applications.
  7. But rest assured if they really want to install tower in your area, then they will surely contact you and then you can discuss further stuff with them, like agreement and all.

I hope you get success in getting this tower installed, because this will not only make a recurring income source for you but you could even land a JOB in this company + a strong network. So guys if you like this post do share this post with all your friends and do tell them to visit our site for more awesome stuff.