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25 July 2017

How to Register your Interest for getting Free Rs.1500 JIO Phone

As you might have seen the latest JIO AGM conference that took the whole nation to think how the hell other competitors are even going to come close to JIO with the quirks its providing for free, well now JIO has once again launched a very weird scheme that would attract rest of the local pubic who have not still opted for the JIO plan and SIM. Well with this offer you would be getting a JIO phone worth Rs.1500 whose amount is refundable after 3 years period, YES sounds crazy right, well YES its a crazy deal and mark it we are not talking about any normal phone, that only features the calling option, but this time as the DEMO video states this phone is going to have the voice command feature that will help anyone to make calls, write messages and even browse the internet.

jio phone for rs.1500

Why Reliance JIO is Providing Free Phones to the Public

Well many people state that its a patriotic gesture, helping all the Indians to get a phone and connecting them, well Mukesh Ambani is not running any sort of NGO, well there is a long term thinking and many brains involved in capturing the place in telecom market. Well definitely this could not be done by any other individual except Ambani but think its like this, you deposit your money in bank and they pay you returns for it, well he is doing the same thing, he will be taking your money in and within 3 years of time he will be making millions out of that money.

Well take for an example there 1.25 Billion people in India and as he has stated that 175 Million users have already connected to JIO, well just take if 100 Million people pay for the phone that is the cost Rs.1500 then the total would become: 100,000,000 x 1500 = 150,000,000,000 i.e Rs.15000 Crore.

So the main over here is not to discuss how the hell they are giving free phones and secretly if they are making money, but point is how the hell you are going to be benefited from this.

Is Reliance JIO Phone Really FREE

Well YES this is the question we need to discuss, well is it really free, well according to the reports and by the speech give by Mr. Ambani, JIO Phone’s will cost you Rs.1500 initially but eventually after 3 years you can return the phone and get back your Rs.1500.

But the process that will include returning, according to me would be lacking alot of thing and why the hell would you return the phone when you already got it for so less. You already invest a lot of amount in other phones from Samsung and Apple and now this JIO Phone, which is already cheap + the benefits you are going to get from this are humongous.

How to Register yourself to get Free Reliance JIO Phone

Now lets see all the steps you need to follow in order to get yourself a returnable Rs.1500 JIO Phone, that allows free calls, cheap internet and awesome FUN.

  1. Visit register interest for free jio phone
  2. Enter all the basic details like, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number and your Pin Code.
  3. After that TICK the “I accept terms & conditions”
  4. After that press the Submit button and your registration will be done.
  5. You will receive a message from JIO’s side telling you something like below.

“Dear Customer, Thank you for your interest in Jiophone India Ka Smart Phone. We will keep you updated about the developments related to this phone. Thank You, Team Jio.”

So guys now you have a chance to grab JIO Phone for just Rs.1500 with return policy that applies to it after 3rd Year. So pump your interest in and enjoy your new phone. Do comment below if you face any problems registering your interest in JIO Phone.