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09 May 2020

800+ Designer Windows Fonts Collection Free Download

FONTS Typography really makes some difference on how your designs are going to pop, are they going to have some FIZZ to them or they are going to look bored. If you love using FONTS to design something creative then we have a pack that contains designer fonts that can cater any designer needs. You can use these to create logos, adding text in your images and videos and anywhere from brochure to flex designing. Possibilities are endless you can do a lot using these free fonts for windows.
838 free fonts for designer
So the FONTS are categorized in different sections, you can browse all and see which one fits the best for you, please make sure not to install all the FONTS without checking as this could result in system slow speeds when you try to browse those FONTS using any software, so just get the best ones, it might take sometime but yes you will have the best ones and only what you want.

Free 800+ FONTS Package for Windows Download

  1. Handwriting FONTS – these are simply the ones that look like handwriting, so very nice for writing your letters or calligraphy styles.hanswriting fonts free download
  2. Foreign Look FONTS – based on different countries you might also find these FONTS valuable, you can check some demo screenshot below. foriegn looking fonts free download
  3. Christmas FONTS Pack – spread love, its Christmas, these FONTS are sweet, you can add them in some of your brochure to lure some KIDS, you can also check some widgets to decorate blogger blog. chistmas fonts free download
  4. Sports FONTS Pack – you can use these FONTS if you need some pictures to be added but you need the file size to be small enough to be sent, check screenshot below. sports fonts free download windows
  5. Pixel FONTS Pack – another nice FONTS pack, you can easily use these to have some nice pixel related FONTS, you will love these FONTS. pixel fonts free download
  6. Fire-Ice FONTS Pack – little fonts in this pack, but still good for your next car decal, write down Fast & Furious with these & get them decaled on your car. fire ice fonts free download
  7. Lovely FONTS Pack – want to add some hearts to your notes or what about creating a valentines day post with these, also check out adding falling hearts in blogger. lovely fonts free download
  8. Farsi FONTS Pack – these fonts could only be rendered in the software itself, so screenshot is attached but you won’t see any difference. farsi fonts free download
  9. Arabic FONTS Pack – so you need those Arabian characters FONTS, well we have these for you, you can simply download and use these Arabica Fonts where ever you want. arabian FONTS

Download 800+ FONTS Packs Free for Windows

So all these FONTS are compiled in one single package which is just 21MB in size, so not a big file you can easily download it, you will need WinRAR to extract the folder, so make sure you have that.
Download Link