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20 April 2020

Adobe Master Collection CS5 Full Version with Serial Numbers

If you use Adobe products than you might know that their products are simply awesome. If you are a Graphic Designer or a VFX Professional you might be using one or another product from Adobe like Photoshop or After Effects well these two are mine favourite too. But there is a small problem that these products are not free so you need to purchase them in order to unlock their full potential. I have recently posted about Adobe After Effects 2020 Full Version, so if you are interested in the latest version then you can download that too but I am posting this as many people love to have old version, few say they are more compatible with their system and some are just hooked to those old settings.

So whatever the case is if you want the old version then making Adobe Master Collection CS5 Full Version is easy and we will be using the HOSTS file trick and few serials to crack that baby and unlock its full potential. You will need the CS5 official installer for any of the adobe products you are interested in or you might have installed on your system with the trial option, now we are going to convert that Adobe CS5 product into full version using this trick.

Adobe CS5 Products Full Version using Serials

So now if you are willing to convert your trial based Adobe CS5 Master Collection products into full version using serial numbers, then simply follow the below tutorial.

  1. Make sure you have installed Adobe CS5 specific product or full master collection onto your system, you can get trial version setup from the internet.
  2. After you have installed the trial version, its time to edit the HOSTS file, if you do not know how to edit your HOSTS file you can check the link given.
  3. Now in your HOSTS file, simply enter below given lines, after you enter all the lines given below, make sure to save your file.
  4. Your HOSTS file should something like below, so if your file looks like below, you are good to go with the next step. editing hosts file windows
  5. Now you need to open your software and enter below serial keys, there are different keys for Windows and MAC operating system.

Adobe CS5 Windows Serial Keys


Adobe CS5 MAC Serial Keys


So use any of the serials mentioned above in your License Tab and this will activate full version of your software, please make sure you use Windows Serial Keys for Windows version and MAC Serial keys for MAC version, as both are different. So guys I hope this works for you, you can obviously get the latest one, I have mentioned the link above for Adobe After Effects 2020, do let me know in the comments if you face any issues following the steps.