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08 May 2020

Corel Draw Essential Tutorial Videos Watch Online for Free

Corel Draw is an amazing software for creating Vector Graphics & even editing Bitmap Images using the Corel Photo Paint add on it comes with. Now it contains many tools like Curve Tool, Pen Tool and many other interactive tool set that can be handy in getting your next masterpiece design. Well we have already provided the Corel Draw 2020 Full Cracked Version for Windows as Free Download and if you have downloaded that & now you want to learn it and make this lockdown count then we have Tutorial Videos for Corel Draw 2020 by Lynda.com that explains every single tool & helps you in getting around the interface in much easier way. You can easily learn everything from basics & start creating.

corel draw 2020 essential training

62 Essential Training Videos for Corel Draw X8

Now these videos are for the Corel Draw X8 but you do not have to worry as all the tools are same, just follow the videos and study what tool does what, because that's important, how to use the tool is important, no matter what version you are having, if you have knowledge and skills about the tool any version would be comfortable for you. So all the videos are embedded below, you can check the title of the video and start watching the video to learn more about the tools.

1. Welcome & Introduction

2. Exercise Files & Challenges

3. Getting Started with the Workspace

4. Seeking Additional Help

5. Touring the Interface

6. Exploring Drop Down Menus

7. Locating Toolbar & Toolbox

8. Understanding Dockers

9. Setting up the Page

10. Using Rulers, Grids & Guidlines

11. Navigating a Multi-Page Document

12. Master Layer & Page Numbering

13. Starting with the Template

14. Understanding File Formats

15. Using the Pick Tool

16. Using the Shape Edit Flyout

17. Exploring the Crop Tool Flyout

18. Exploring the Curve Flyout

19. Creating a Basic Shape

20. Dealing with Dimension Lines

21. Using Connector Lines

22. Looking at the Interactive Tool Flyout

23. Other Interactive Tools

24. Understanding Font Types

25. Installing Fonts

26. Corel Font Manager

27. Using What the FONT Service

28. Types of Text

29. Creating Layouts

30. Working with Tables

31. Shaping Commands, including Combine & Weld

32. Grouping & Ungrouping

33. Alignment Commands & Alignment Guides

34. Copying vs Duplicate & Paste Special

35. Challenge – Create a Lighthouse

36. Solution – Create a Lighthouse

37. Importing Bitmaps

38. Cropping, Resizing & Rotating Bitmaps

39. Removing Background from Bitmaps

40. Powertrace

41. Working with Photozoom Pro

42. Exporting Web Graphics

43. Working with Powerclips

44. Using Find & Replace

45. Exploring Corel Connect

46. Examining Scripts & Macros

47. Publishing to PDF

48. Object Styles

49. Discovering Color Palettes

50. Creating a Color Palette

51. Getting Started with Color Management

52. Challenge – Create a Business Card

53. Solution – Create a Business Card

54. Discovering the Print Dialog

55. Working with Print Merge

56. Challenge – Print Merge

57. Solution – Print Merge

58. Creating Keyboard Shortcuts & Toolbars

59. Setting & Resetting Default Properties

60. Changing the Appearance

61. Exporting & Sharing Workspaces

62. Next Steps

Download Corel Draw X8 Essential Training Videos Full Pack

Now this whole pack contains all 62 Videos embedded above that will help you understanding and learning Corel Draw X8 in depth, you will get to know about the Interface, some important tools, Interactive Tools are very nice in Corel Draw and really helps you in getting something out of your subject. I use Corel Draw to create many things, banners, flexes, logos even 3D models for architecture can be created using Corel Draw. So overall its going to be very helpful to you in getting around Corel Draw X8.

Download Link

The above direct link provide you access to the .rar package that contains all these 62 Essential Training Videos for Corel Draw X8 by Lynda.com that will help you in learning the software in much more depth. If you need any other software you can either contact me using the Contact Form or your comment below with your query I would be pleased to help you out. Password: hackinguniversity.in