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07 April 2020

9 Funny Punjabi Dubbed Full English Movies Free Download

So you have liked our earlier articles about Spiderman Punjabi Dubbed Movie, Dumb and Dumber Movie Dubbed in Punjabi and recently we also posted the The Mask movie by Jim Carrey that was again dubbed in Punjabi, well I got many mails from people requesting to post more amazing Punjabi Dubbed movies, well here you go I am posting 9 more English Hollywood Movies Dubbed in Punjabi. Thanks to its creators the movies are fun to watch and really loved by everyone.

funny english hollywood movies dubbed in punjabi

Watch Best Hollywood Movies Dubbed in Punjabi

So we have a list of movies and you will love watching all those movies well few of them were found on Dailymotion so I am embedding a link to watch them directly on this site and download link for the same is also given in case the movie is removed or you are not able to download then download link would help you in getting the movie directly on your computer.

1. Shanghai Knights Punjabi Dubbed – But Te Bhatti

This is an amazing movie and its also featured on IMDB for its amazingly hilarious comedy, you will love the role played by Jackie Chan and other characters but when you will see it in Punjabi then its on different level, check it out. PASSWORD: hackinguniversity.in

Download Link

2. Robin Hood Movie in Punjabi – Bhatti Chor

If you love watching Robin Hood Stealing from the Rich and distributing them in Poor then what about watching him saying all his dialogues in Punjabi, another GOOF that you will love and seriously funny, you need to watch it now. PASSWORD: hackinguniversity.in

Download Link

3. The Accidental Spy Movie in Punjabi – Ching Chi Te Bhatti

The Accidental Spy Hollywood Movie is also dubbed in Punjabi and you will love watching this one too, superb dubbing and full parody made the whole movie fun to watch, you can watch it online or download using the link below. PASSWORD: hackinguniversity.in

Download Link

4. The Forbidden Kingdom Movie in Punjabi – Dula Te Bhatti

Jackie Chan once again starring in The Forbidden Kingdom dubbed in Punjabi delivers the ultimate laughter that you all will love, watch this movie embedded below or download using the link given. PASSWORD: hackinguniversity.in

Download Link

5. Romeo Must Die Movie Punjabi Dubbed – Jaree Da Intiqam

Jaree Da Intiqam movie which is parody of Romeo Must Die is another cool take on how Punjabi could seriously alter the nature of movie you will love funny scenes and amazing dubbing done in Punjabi, watch it online or download. PASSWORD: hackinguniversity.in

Download Link

6. Rush Hour 3 Movie Punjabi Dubbed – Kala Te Bhatti

Rush Hour 3 Movie was amazing I have watched it several times but what about you see all the characters talking in Punjabi well that sounds fun, do check the movie and laugh all out, watch it below or download. PASSWORD: hackinguniversity.in

Download Link

7. Terminator 2 Movie Punjabi Dubbed – Majoo Da Vair

No one would have missed Terminator 2 and Arnold being the Terminator and what bold character he has played, well its really a serious action packed movie but you will love how Punjabi changes everything. Movie is not available online but you can download the movie using below link. PASSWORD: hackinguniversity.in

Download Link

8. Shaolin Soccer Movie Punjabi Dubbed – Nehlay Pe Dehla

This was another great HIT from CHINA and the movie and its effects were admired by people all over the world and guess what this movie was also dubbed in Punjabi and you will love watching it too. PASSWORD: hackinguniversity.in

Download Link

9. Pakistani Punjabi Dubbed Movie – Sheeda Pistol

This is just a take on Pakistani Media, well the dialogues are really amazing in this movie, you will love watching it, its quiet old but yes still a good movie to watch, with Punjabi Dubbing it feels very natural. PASSWORD: hackinguniversity.in

Download Link

So ok guys for right now these were all the movies that were available with me that I wanted to share with all of you, if you enjoyed and loved watching all these movies, do share this post with all your friends and let them also know about these movies. Well I have also combined all these movies in one single package so if you are interested you can also download all these movies using a single link below. PASSWORD: hackinguniversity.in

Download Link