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10 May 2020

Watch Prison Break Season 1 Complete Series Online for Free

If you love watching TV Series then you probably have heard about Prison Break one of the most extreme TV Series ever created, digging in minds and strategies to overcome a hurdle in saving someone’s life. The series is covered on the life of two brothers who try to save each other’s life by breaking out of the prison and saving life of his brother who is a death row for false accusations. Michael Scofield is a main character who plays the part of breaking out of the prison creating plans all by himself and with the help of blueprints on his body in form of tattoos. I have personally loved watching this series as recommended to me by my friends and I thought it would be nice to share the whole series with you guys.
prison break tv series watch online

Watch Prison Break Season 1 Free Streaming

So if you all are interested to watch this series LIVE and for free you can check the embedded series links below, that will allow you to watch this series for free anywhere you want. All seasons are 720P HD, other seasons will be uploaded in hours, so make sure to subscribe to our blog to get notified. In case you are watching this desktop then streaming would work normally but in case you are using this on your mobile device, make sure that you have Google or Chrome to stream the content. UPDATE: In case the stream is not working due to some codec error or your device is not supported to play this media then you can always download the full episode by clicking the 3 dots and download option as shown below in the image. If you are not able to see the 3 dots, you need to wait for few seconds for the loading to get finished.

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#1. Prison Break S01E01 Pilot

#2. Prison Break S01E02 Allen

#3. Prison Break S01E03 Cell Test

#4. Prison Break S01E04 Cue Poison

#5. Prison Break S01E05 English, Fitz or Percy

#6. Prison Break S01E06 Riots, Drills & The Devil (Part 1)

#7. Prison Break S01E07 Riots, Drills & The Devil (Part 2)

#8. Prison Break S01E08 The Old Head

#9. Prison Break S01E09 Tweener

#10. Prison Break S01E10 Sleight of Hand

#11. Prison Break S01E11 And Then There Were 7

#12. Prison Break S01E12 Odd Man Out

#13. Prison Break S01E13 End of the Tunnel

#14. Prison Break S01E14 The Rat

#15. Prison Break S01E15 By the Skin & The Teeth

#16. Prison Break S01E16 Brothers Keeper

#17. Prison Break S01E17 J-Cat

#18. Prison Break S01E18 Bluff

#19. Prison Break S01E19 The Key

#20. Prison Break S01E20 Tonight

#21. Prison Break S01E21 GO

#22. Prison Break S01E22 Flight

So guys this completes the full Season 1 of Prison Break, you can now watch this whole season online for free, other’s seasons will be uploaded in sometime, so do let me know if you enjoyed watching this series and do comment if you need any other series to be uploaded.