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26 April 2020

Load AdSense Ads on Scroll to Speedup your Blog or Website

Lazy loading AdSense ads can dramatically give a speed boost to your blog or website in a similar way like the lazy loading of images script does to your blog. So the whole point here is when the user lands on your blog or website, the adsense ads are not going to load until he scrolls the window, as soon as he scrolls the adsense ads script will load and show all the ads on your blog. This definitely helps you in getting speedy blog or website as the ads are not loaded hence the speed is going to be great.

22 August 2017

Make your AdSense Ad Units Responsive for More Clicks

People are just jumping into the pol of responsiveness, well they need their website to be responsive so that it can get maximum response from people who are continuously changing their gadgets to browse Internet. Well recently I posted about the online tools popping up providing you the possibility to convert your online media into responsive design, so that you people with less knowledge can obviously make more out of it. But today we are talking about making our AdSense ad units into responsive ad units so that people on different gadgets can always view your website and advertisements more accurately.

Earlier also people have already experimented on this thing and obviously they have created responsive ad designs but now we are talking about official update from Google which is much more stable and legal to be applied, yes now you do not worry about manipulating the code unless its under terms.

Official Responsive AdSense Ad Units

adsense-ad-unitsWell now if you visit your AdSense account you will see that under New Ads creation wizard you will find another head called "Other - Responsive" so now under this one you have once simple ads unit that’s responsive and will work on the CSS base, which you need to create.

So now this ad unit is till in BETA testing more but it will like a charm. Now this code is already Asynchronous Loading enabled so you will not see that two code choosing option. Now as you choose the code you will get your code somewhat like below including some default @media tags for responsive CSS structure, but will need to manipulate these codes according to your website's requirement.

Note Below code is only for demonstration purpose and it will not work for your website, you need to create your personal ad code right from your account.

.hu-responsive-ad { width: 320px; height: 50px; }
@media(min-width: 500px) { .hu-responsive-ad { width: 468px; height: 60px; } }
@media(min-width: 800px) { .hu-responsive-ad { width: 728px; height: 90px; } }
<script async src="http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js"></script>
<!-- HU Responsive Ad -->
<ins class="adsbygoogle hu-responsive-ad"
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

So now you can add this code to wherever you want  responsive ad design but make sure you you customize the @media tags according to your website, else it won’t work. So now possible it’s a big step by AdSense team bringing more and more option for their loyal publisher to gain income, well now its your time to coop up with them & apply it. For further information and documentation you can read it here [Link]

05 March 2017

How to Embed Adsense AD anywhere inside Blogger Post

Adsense might be your primary monetizing source on your blog, and you might love the way it displays advertisement. Ads are clean and relevant and that's what makes adsense the 1st choice of any blogger who wants to monetize his or her blog online. I have covered many tutorials on increasing your Adsense CPC and even adding adsense ad right after the more tag that we use to split the post.

Add Fixed Floating Adsense AD on Post Side in Blogger

You might have seen these types of scrolling advertisement in many blogs, when ever person reads your post and starts scrolling your blog post to the bottom the ad scrolls side by side hence increasing your clicks and conversion, making you a little more money. Well the widget I have created is inspired from the floating sharing buttons widget I posted earlier. But now I have added a simple adsense ad code that could be replaced with any other advertisement or banner whatever.

02 December 2016

How to Remove AdSense Ads from Specific Blogger Post

This is question many bloggers ask and even I was concerned about this same question well how we can remove adsense ad code from a specific blogger post. Being on wordpress its a simple process using some plugins we can achieve anything we like but being on blogger its a techy thing and requires you to be little creative. By creative I mean you need to have some tech skills under the jQuery and JavaScript category to get anything according to you.

15 October 2014

Leading Top 13 Best Paying AdSense Niches in 2014

top adsense nicheNowadays, Google Adsense is the very best method to generate income on the internet, most web owners utilize this network to create optimal earnings from their sites. Adsense, being the king of all PPC networks, assists you make good-looking monetary on the basis of quantity of site visitors your web site gets. Google Is known for it's extremely stringent policies, which you need to follow else Google may reward disapproval of your account if you breach any of their policies, so do not ever consider clicking your very own advertisements to produce a great profits.

12 August 2014

How to Get Google Adsense Back on Disabled Website’s

adsense-bannedAdsense has taken the online business to a level where people can work and play side by side plus earn a livelihood income right from their home sitting on their benches and blogging on their favorite topic. Well but every business has some up and downs and the same goes for Adsense you might not have any money making problems with it but your business can crash in seconds if you have some policy violation lead by Google.

29 July 2014

Boost AdSense Earnings by Blocking Lower Paying Ads

adsense cpc boost

Google adsense is thought as the very best advertisement publisher network because of their finest services on net ad circulation likewise keeping the highest quality advertisements online. However it's too tough to carry out much better with Google adsense in long terms due to the fact that countless brand-new accounts are getting prohibited due to unforeseen efficiency such that heavier fraudulence clicks, publishing advertisements on damaging material, click bomb and a lot more problems.

06 May 2014

Add AdSense Ad right after <!--more--> Tag in Blogger

This fantastic tutorial is prepared and produced by MBT site where its admin labored evening and difficult day and eventually came out with this kind of ground-breaking widget which can multiply your adsense 10 Times once you activate and apply this script on your blog. Since you know Wordpress comes up with many in built plugins that you can activate and display your advertisement anywhere inside the post but in blogger you do not have this chance to embed adsense advertisement unit anywhere inside the post.

27 April 2014

How to Get New Google AdSense Account Fully Approved

Google adsense is an awesome blog monetization program that anyone can use without any problem and monetize their blog pretty easily. People from all over the world use this awesome blog monetization utility to get heavy earnings right from the blog. Even Google AdSense is improving their program, day by day and they are introducing many new features right into it. Like earlier they have introduced the EFT system that would allow you to receive your payment instantly in your bank account, and that too within one or two days.

22 April 2014

Best Tips to Increase your Google AdSense CPC & Income


Stepped recently into the blogging community after hearing a lot of success stories, well then you might have planned a nice blog under $10 using blogger and then monetizing it using the best and worth online platform Google AdSense. Well I would say you have made a nice choice of starting a blog and then simply embedding AdSense ads to monetize your content but still you need to be following few awesome tips and tricks that will help you in extracting more income from your account.

25 August 2013

How to Add Adsense Ad in the Middle of Blogger Post

Google-Adsense-logoThis was a secret mystery which everyone was unaware that if they could place the AdSense ad code right in the middle of blogger post and that too automatically. And people just used to think that this could be done only in Wordpress with the support of its awesome plugins, but well there are people who have achieved a great knowledge in customizing blogger and they came up with a nice solution to automatically ad AdSense ad code right inside middle of blogger post.

So now we have already posted on how you can add Adsense code below post title in blogger but if you were wondering on how you can add the Adsense ad unit in the middle of blogger post, well now your search ends here check below steps.

  1. Open Blogger > Template > Edit HTML.
  2. Press Ctrl + F & search for <data:post.body/> tag, now you can may find this code twice or thrice so you need to check which is the right one.
  3. Make sure to backup your Template before proceeding to next step.
  4. Now you need to replace the above code with below code.

    <div expr:id='&quot;aim1&quot; + data:post.id'/>
    <div style='float:right;border:1px solid #aaa;background: #f5f5f5 url(http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-n5s9Bu0JCgg/UA_AfQ5qLkI/AAAAAAAAFMU/G9FOuh4SP7k/s0/bg-pattern.png) repeat top left;padding:10px;clear:both; margin:10px 0;border-radius:3px;box-shadow:inset 0 0 3px 2px #ccc'>

    Paste Parsed Adsense Code Here

    <div expr:id='&quot;aim2&quot; + data:post.id'>
    <script type='text/javascript'>var obj0=document.getElementById("aim1<data:post.id/>");var obj1=document.getElementById("aim2<data:post.id/>");var s=obj1.innerHTML;var t=s.substr(0,s.length/2);var r=t.lastIndexOf("");if(r>0){obj0.innerHTML=s.substr(0,r);obj1.innerHTML=s.substr(r+1)}</script>

  5. Now just replace the blue line with your Parsed Adsense Ad Code (Parsing AdSense ad code means to make few lines HTML friendly, so just use our converter)
  6. Now I have styled the widget using few lines of CSS code, so you might wanna change it according to your blog design.
  7. You can even change the position of Adsense ad code by changing the value in Red color in above code.

So now enjoy guys using this this simple trick to manage your Adsense ad unit right inside blogger post and aligning it in the middle automatically.

21 July 2013

Make AdSense Ads Load Faster with Asynchronous Loading

People usually face page loading issues when ever they apply ads on their website, normally all the ads stop the page load as they need to grab a new ad from their server every-time someone refreshes the page. But still with AdSense we get a lot more refined experience but still we get some loading issues, so now to fix this thing up Google came up with Asynchronous Loading option that automatically renders ad after the page has been full loaded up. So now applying it is really easy and will not take much time.

Asynchronous AdSense Ads for Faster Page Loading

So now another good part about this technique is that the script for Google ads that was necessary to be placed with every code can now be placed just once and that right above the </head> tag, so it automatically loads all the ads and it is loaded even once. So now just follow below steps and make your website faster with AdSense too.

  1. Open Blogger > Template Edit HTML.
  2. Now press Ctrl + F and search </head> tag & paste below code above it.

    <script async='async' src="http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js"></script>

  3. Now your script is placed, now its time to change all the AdSense codes.
  4. Open your AdSense Acc. > My Ads, now press Get Code option on your previously created ads and from dropdown menu choose Code Type – Asynchronous (BETA) like below.
  5. Now you will get your ads code like below:

    <script async src="http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js"></script>
    <!-- HU 336 x 280 -->
    <ins class="adsbygoogle"
    (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

  6. Just remove the red line from it as you have already placed it right above the </head> tag, now just change previous AdSense code with new one.
  7. That’s it now your new AdSense codes are places and you can easily enjoy faster page loading with undisrupted ads loading.

27 March 2013

How to Change Google AdSense Account's Payee Name Easily

Payee name is the name allotted to person who is going to receive payments from Google fro using their service and making money online. So when ever you sign up for an AdSense account they provide you a field to provide the exact payee name for the person who has a valid account in any band with that name, so its kind of important step which everyone should fill with little care.

But sometimes due to curiosity people might fill out some random names or maybe they can miss some middle or last name, so you got me there can be any problem. So now the thing is does Google provide any easy way to change your payee name right from your account settings, well in few countries they do provide but in some countries mentioned in below image they do not provide this feature by default so is there any easy way to change payee for those account, well there is a way that might work out perfect.


So now the easiest way to overcome this problem is too contact the AdSense team directly and ask them to change your payee name so that you can easily receive checks, well the first option I will recommend is by using the new consultation service by Google AdSense, if your account is eligible for that service that would be much easier option to do so.

If you are not eligible for that service you can still contact them by sending a direct email to their support that's adsense-support@google.com so we not going to randomly typing few paragraphs but we have to do this thing in a manner full way so that it looks but professional.

So now just follow below steps, on how to compose a nice email to their support team so that you can get fast reply's from them easily.

  1. Open Gmail.com & Sign In to your AdSense Account.
  2. Now compose a new email to adsense-support@google.com
  3. In subject type "Payee Name Change"
  4. Now for the message copy & paste below format in your message field and change things.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am really happy to be a part of your awesome monetizing service and I want to say everything is going on smoothly well I had a little payee name change problem so I want you to please change my Google AdSense account payee name from "Old Payee Name Here" to "New Payee Name Here" because of the following reasons.

    "Add changing reason :)"

    My AdSense Publisher ID: (pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
    Current Payee Name: (xxxxxxxxxxx)
    New Payee Name: (xxxxxxxxxxx)
    Country I reside In: (xxxxxxxxxxx)

    Thanks for your cooperation.
    Your Sincerely:
    Your Name Here xxxxxxxx)
    Google AdSense Publisher :)

  5. Now change pub ID with your ID, add your current payee name and your country.
  6. Make sure to add a specific reason for your change, as they might ask you for what reason you really want to change your payee name.
  7. Now send them the email and wait for few days to get reply from them, now if they ask for any verification ID just email them that too.

That's it now they will just change your payee name and you can easily receive checks on your new name, well if you face any problem do comment.

08 March 2013

Now Get Free Consultation from AdSense Team via Email

AdSense has always been the best way to monetize my website, normally I did not have any problem using AdSense but earlier when my account was banned and my website was blacklisted due to some copyright problems I was really tense and I contacted them via email but I was replied after a long time of like 1 month, but by GOD's grace my account was back and my website got white listed again.

Well normally if your accounts get disabled or your website is blacklisted you can use the appeal form and ask them re-instate your account, if you have taken proper measures. So now if you think you account was banned due to some invalid reason, clicks or something you have another easier option to contact them and get consultation via email.

Free Email Consultation !

Basically it's a premium kind of service you can say and if your AdSense account normally makes about $25 per week then you are going to be treated as a special publisher and you will be getting faster email replies solving your problem.


Well there Contact Option's Page contains troubleshooting points that will be much easier for you to get rid of your problem, but still you are done with it then the last option come with that email support, so after you visit on Contact's Option Page you will see a notification stating that the Gmail account you are signed in with is eligible for email support, as it will track down if you are earning like Google amount per week or not.

Contacting through Email !

So now you can choose that Contact Form mentioned in Email Support category, so that will option up a form that you need to fill with your Name, Email, Publisher ID, your issue, you can choose category in which your problem fall's in.

You can also attach a screenshot that will clarify what problem you really have and last thing is briefing your problem by typing what you have, make sure to add your website link. Now just hit Submit option and you will be receiving a reply from AdSense team within 2 business days. So now its much more easier to contact and get problem's solved.

27 February 2013

Few Things you must know before applying for AdSense

dollar-signIf you think you have started blogging for just making money and off course you came across the AdSense platform and you think that if you start a simple blog with no rule's following strategy and without any discipline you can make huge bucks with AdSense that possibly the wrong thing you are assuming, off course AdSense is the best option for making money as its alternative adbrite was taken down so you do not have much choice to choose from else you can go with Yahoo Bing ads that do not pay a huge payout.

Well even AdSense asks you to provide a well operated and maintained website to get into their program, but let me tell you guys if you get into their program you are not going to regret that, as it's the most awesome and easiest way to make money.

So I would be telling you few things or points that you should obviously follow or use before applying for a AdSense account. So check them below.

  1. Top Level Domain – now if you have started your blog using .blogspot platform or like free wordpress.com platform you might get a free space with unlimited blogging capacity but obviously your name is in sub domain like earlier I used to have hackinguniversity.blogspot.com which after words I migrated to hackinguniversity.in, so having a top level domain name like example.com, example..net, example.org, example.in is really important before applying for their program, they have strictly mentioned this point in their policy. So make sure you own a domain before you have that AdSense acc.
  2. Content – content is the main thing that you might consider before getting your steps into the AdSense room, if you are dirty then you are going to be thrown out, so content like hacking articles, cracking tools, adult content, selling illegal drugs, pirated stuff, violent videos and pretty much more stuff that you think can harm the human nature is surely not acceptable in the AdSense program. So make sure you run a simple calm website with the way for growing knowledge not destroying knowledge. So provide unique and rich content without an copy trace from other website. 
  3. Blog Design – really plays a big role in getting you approved for AdSense, well if you have a blog design with lots of other ads like infolinks, adhitz, adf.ly scripts, linkbucks links and any other popping up ads then you are surely going to get disapproved from AdSense. As your website is reviewed manually by a AdSense team member so if he find hard enough to find content and he is just greeted by those popping ads he will surely no approve your application. So make sure your blog design is simple and has rick content.
  4. Outbound Links – normally if you do not provide any illegal content but you are providing links to those hacking or cracking website, maybe some downloading website that's hosting that paid pirated product then again you are making your blog at risk for loosing your AdSense appeal. So make sure your  outbound linking is in your niche and that too piracy and hacking free.
  5. Google Products – if you have created a blog to show off how Google products work and how to manipulate their stuff, or providing articles like Download YouTube Videos for free well let me these are strictly prohibited, they have mentioned in their policies that you cannot provide any thing related to Google or its products so if you are make sure to delete them before applying for AdSense.
  6. Compulsory Site Pages – well few people say that your website should have those privacy page that explains everything about your website works and what you capture from your users and other stuff but I did not have any privacy page until I made it 6 days ago, so I am using AdSense from like 1 year and I did not have any page related to privacy policy and that did not matter anything but still if you are new you can have it to complete every possible step to get into their program.

So possibly these were the few things or points I think you should be aware about and you should be using them before applying for your AdSense account. Well if you think I forgot something do comment so that I can post that too and we all could help upcoming new generation bloggers :)

10 December 2012

Different Ways & Form’s of Google Adsense Invalid Activity

If you think making money from Google AdSense is lot easier that you can just come up with some website idea and build a blog on blogger and start making money than you are wrong maintaining a good reputation and readership is must for making a good and constant money. There are always some bad brains working out in getting your account banned or maybe you are too foolish that you are just trying to stuff up your bank by clicking on your own ads, well Google adsense team has created an educational video that explains different forms and ways Google Adsense invalid activity can be detected which can get your account banned.

They have stated everything that why you should not go for any invalid activity as it will simply crash the whole system of advertising and publishing. you even need a good readership that respect your website sponsors, bad crowd can simply infiltrate your whole system with bas clicks hence your account get banned and you become professional to looser blogger.

So to get more money or traffic you should not use any kind of messaging system, software interfaces that guarantee to double your income and traffic, but just believing in your self and your creativity you should start building traffic that will indirectly lead a too a good readership and you will surely make some good bucks.

05 November 2012

Best Adsense Placements for Optimizing your Adsense Income

If you think AdSense is the best monetization program for your blog or your website than you are wrong, you are the one who makes any possible monetization program the best by defining your own personally preferred ads placements according to your blog and optimizing the whole design. Well yes obviously AdSense tops all other money making programs so we will take example of AdSense and in this session we will try to optimize our AdSense earnings by choosing some best placements recommended by professional bloggers.

#1. Placing ads in header section ::


This can be the first and best placement to get more attention from your visitors and gain some nice clicks on your advertisements. Now you might have seen my website having adsense ads placed on the right hand side of my websites logo, so you be creative and create some design according to your skills. But I think placing ads in this section will surely give you increase in your overall income.

adsense-sidebar-placement#2. Placing ads on top in sidebar ::

Sidebar the widgets holder can be your second most prone area for the ads to appear, you can get your ads below the facebook like or even right on top your search, I have personally chosen below the facebook like box as I think it will be good to get more fans than some more clicks as this will help me in future.

So its simply your wish, you can even create some jquery widget and float the widget when your website gets scrolled but make sure that not violating any Adsense rules as anyone can report to google about AdSense violation.

#3. Placing ads directly with content ::

This is the most preferred placement by every blogger who owns a blog and grows with a dream to earn some money with it, well you can just place an advertisement on the left or right hand side of your content basically just below the post title. Well this is the best place to get more clicks and attention from your visitors but still its not a good placement according to the adsense rules.

As the adsense rules states that your content should be more useful for your visitors and they should not get irritated by those ads. So do not use advertisements at the places where your content might get hidden due to advertisements, else you highlight the adsense ad with some text specially written to identify that ad.

#4. Placing ads in post footer ::


So this is what I am using on my personal website, for demo you can just scroll to my post footer and check out the advertisement something like in the above image. Well this place might not be the best place for advertisement but still its entirely approved by the adsense laws and even my earnings are more due to this ads placement.

#5. Placing ads in between the post content ::

Well you might have any simple option to embed ads in between post content but I think wordpress has this compatibility. Well this might get you some high CTR but overall it might make your audience disappointed with some content viewing issues if you have not managed it professionally.

So if you are good at designing your posts, than you can surely take care of this problem. Well overall this is a good placement and can top all other in making some more bucks.

Ending Note ::

Well overall there can be many more creative options to display your advertisement's and optimize your AdSense income but these are one’s normally everyone tends to apply on their personal blog. Well according to my point of view you should have 70:30 ratio for your content and ads so that your audience is happy to click on the relevant ads they view.

Do comment if you have something unique you wanna tell about adsense placements. Hope this post was quit introductory if you have any problem do contact me.

02 November 2012

How to Verify your Google Adsense PIN and Remove Hold

Adsense is basically a major monetization program for any individual person who is struggling to make some bucks online. Well obviously they are not cruel enough to not lend their service to anyone personally but still they have some restrictions and criteria which you need to come under to become a verified member for their program, well and the one thing is AdSense PIN Verification that occurs when you create a new account with new address than they want to verify if the address mentioned by you is really true or fake.

So they just send you a Google PIN letter that contains you name your address and most important that 6 digits Google adsense PIN, a number for your life. When you add that number on their website to verify your account that your account get verified and you start earning your checks.

Google AdSense Verification PIN Letter Images

So recently my friend just received the Google AdSense PIN letter so I just asked him to send me few images on how this letter looks like, so he gave me the front, in and back cover image of the letter that shows the google logo in front, in between there are some text and it also contains that 6 digit PIN number and on the back its simply your name and your address.




So as you can see in the second image I have blurred the PIN number just for security reasons, so you will see your PIN written write their which you need to add in your account and click on verify. So this is the main method of verifying your account and removing HOLD from it so that you can receive your checks.

What If I Do Not Receive My AdSense Verification PIN Letter

Ok this might be the question in your mind if you have faced the same problem, as I have even not received my verification PIN, well AdSense gives you 3 tries to get your AdSense PIN so you can resubmit your request after a period of 2-3 weeks and than you might get your adsense PIN but in my case I did not received my PIN in 3 tries so I was little worried as I thought their can be some postal problems and now there’s no way to get my adsense verified and earn my check I just made out.

Well but that’s not the case Google AdSense team provides you with an alternate way after you have tried out your whole verification submits. Now there provide you with an easy way to verify your account, you can snap out some image of your credentials like driving license, PAN card, resident proof or something to show them that you are the genuine account holder. So they will provide you a upload option where you can click and submit your image, and within 4 hours your HOLD will be taken down.

You can Even Send them an Email to Verify your Account

Another way is to mail them at adsense-support@google.com with your account information + your credential image, and ask them to verify your account and remove the HOLD that may work too, as google team is kind enough to answer your question, as they helped me a lot in my blacklisted days.

13 June 2012

How to add AdSense Code below Post Title in Blogger

AdSense is the best mean to earn some money out of your blog by sharing some of your precious knowledge with people all over the world. People love your post they see ads they click on it and you are rewarded with the money that advertisers are willing to pay for the clicks they get on their advertisements. Well getting exposure on your ads is the main thing which you should consider after getting the AdSense approved so the best place for maximum exposure and clicks is right below the post title.

adsense post title

So the thing is that your normal code won’t work here so you need to convert it and remove all the < > and other with code that will work right inside the post. So now right here you don’t need to work harder because we have created an awesome converter which you can use to convert the whole code so visit our AdSense Code Converter Page and paste the whole code in the box provided and than click on convert.

Now your converted code will be displayed just copy that and paste it below in between the two lines to create the full working code.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>

Paste your converted AdSense code here


Now follow below steps to add your AdSense block right below the post title.

  1. Sign-In to your blogger account and navigate to Design > Template > Edit HTML and click on Proceed now tick mark expand widget templates.
  2. Now press Ctrl + F and search for <div class='post-header'> or <div class='post-header-line-1'/> and than paste the above code which you have created below any of these lines.
  3. That’s it now just save your template and refresh your blog to see new AdSense block right below your post title.

If you find any problems than do comment below so that I can check it up and fix that as soon as possible.