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20 April 2020

Remove Photo Background Automatically without Photoshop

If you have come across a situation where you have to remove the background from an entire image using photoshop, you know its a techy process and needs consistent hands to do so and you also need skills and proper knowledge on how to use photoshop, but what if I say that you can do that same thing, remove background from an entire image using AI (Artificial Intelligence) well yes there are many sites that allows you to do so, you can simply upload your image and your background will removed automatically from that entire image without even touching any parts of that image.

Adobe Master Collection CS5 Full Version with Serial Numbers

If you use Adobe products than you might know that their products are simply awesome. If you are a Graphic Designer or a VFX Professional you might be using one or another product from Adobe like Photoshop or After Effects well these two are mine favourite too. But there is a small problem that these products are not free so you need to purchase them in order to unlock their full potential. I have recently posted about Adobe After Effects 2020 Full Version, so if you are interested in the latest version then you can download that too but I am posting this as many people love to have old version, few say they are more compatible with their system and some are just hooked to those old settings.

How to Edit & Alter the HOSTS File in Windows & Mac OS X

HOSTS File is a simple text file in Windows & Mac OS X that is used to map Hostnames to IP Addresses. When you type any URL in your browsers search bar then it checks whether there is any relevant entry in the HOSTS file and gets you the corresponding IP address, else it resolves that IP using the active connections DNS Servers. Another use of HOSTS file is to block the few Hostnames i.e if you are giving Internet access in schools or colleges or to any of your employees in your business premises, then you can block certain sites.

18 April 2020

Add Text Symbols to your Blogs, Status Updates or Articles

While writing blog posts, Facebook status updates, WhatsApp chats if you are willing to add some text symbols for designing your posts or even website then you can use all these symbols, these symbols will load immediately, as they are make from ASCII Characters and does not take any load on your page loading. You can also send these symbols to any of updates. Either writing Facebook Status Updates, Sending them in WhatsApp Chats or anywhere you want.

17 April 2020

Become JIO Partner & Earn Commission from all Recharges

If you are willing to have a secondary income & have good links, for the people who on regular basis does recharge on their phone then you can become JIO partner and start earning commission from all the recharges done through you. All the mobile retailer who does recharge obviously earn commission, now commission is obviously not that much if you have just 5-10 recharges daily, but yes if you have mass then you can earn good amount. So you recharge your friends and family members phone and you earn money for doing that in form of commission.

16 April 2020

Download Avira Premium Security Suite Free for 90 Days

Avira is a renowned brand in security for your Windows or Mobile Device, it comes with wide range of products to get all of your gadgets secured. Now its Antivirus Engine is premium and its paid but now you can get that and all other premium products free for 3 months or 90 days officially from Avira. They are providing a trail to test all there products free for 90 days to let you know more about there product. You might be using the Antivirus from any other brand you can give this a try or you can just try their VPN service, as many sites are blocked these days, you can access them using their VPN service. Earlier we have posted 1 year free Avira Phantom VPN for free that might not be working now as the offer might have expired, but you can get 3 months using this new offer.

8 Most Useful Photoshop Plugins for Hardcore Designers

Photoshop is an amazing tool you need to admit, creating bitmaps and giving them new perspective anything could be done using Photoshop. Designers all over the world use Photoshop to create some new everyday. The possibilities are endless and if you have a creative mind and can think out of the BOX then you can create some amazing using Photoshop. Now Photoshop itself comes with loads of tools and plugins that could be used to create some mind bending art. But still if you are a hardcore designer then you really require few plugins to automate your work & make them faster.

13 April 2020

GTA San Andreas PC Game with PC Cheats Free Download

GTA San Andreas was one of the most intense bad ass game of its time, its used to be the first game in my opinion that had everything and yet played on any normal specification pc. I have played that game alot, completed its missions like 3-4 times and yet sometimes I just playing that game. GTA San Andreas for PC was like every child's dream to have it, to own it, to play it. I used to play that game as soon as I returned from school, dam those days cannot forget how awesome the experience was.

12 April 2020

Corel Draw 2020 Full Version for Windows Free Download

If you want o design some nice logos for the companies, do some vector stuff then Corel Draw is the only application that will come to your mind or anyone will suggest you. Its the best considered in Vector Graphics Designing, I personally like it a lot and and every graphic you see on my site, like my logo and all, I have designed using Corel Draw. It provides abundance of tools to create something new everyday, something creative can be crafted when you know exactly how to use all the tools. I will be posting the essential training videos for Corel Draw from Lynda that provides best training videos helping you to advance from beginner's and create amazing content.

Adobe After Effects CC 2020 Full Version Windows Free Download

Adobe After Effects CC 2020 is an innovative tool for video post-production which allows you to retouches and includes professional-looking unique effects. By utilizing it, you will be simple to develop video effects and movement graphics for your videos. Adobe After Effects CC 2020 is a remarkable application that will let you produce professional-looking videos, movies, clips or anything else you can dream about. It likewise permits you to render the 3D graphics and include movement to them. The program supplies whatever you require to develop your own graphics and make your videos much better. Work quicker with a brand-new JavaScript expression engine and get up to a 6x increase in efficiency.