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09 May 2020

6 Free Online Tools for Testing your Websites Performance

These days building websites is quit easier due to many online and offline tools available at your disposal, well but the main thing comes after your website is up and running that called maintenance and I am sure that can simply screw up your website as if you are not up to date with the latest trends and algorithms you might loose everything on your website. But hopefully we have many tools online which can simply scan and test your websites performance levels and suggest you solutions for the problems it might discover. When you know the problem its easy to make search for the solution and get that fixed, so getting all those problems fixed would definitely allow you to boost your websites SEO and hence increase your readership. Website’s speed is always the main concern and should be taken care off, your website needs to have speedy loading to not harass your visitors.

08 May 2020

Windows 7 Ultimate 32BIT & 64BIT Free .ISO Download Links

Before this magnificent Windows 10 OS their once ruled another dragon that had captured everyone’s heart after Windows XP and its still being searched and being pumped into the systems of many IT professionals, well I am talking about Windows 7 Ultimate. Being the cleanest edition of Windows and with many less crashes as we have seen in Windows XP and even compatible with all modern applications. Well if you are the one who is searching for Windows 7 .ISO direct download links, well we got you covered. Today we have 32BIT and 64BIT Windows 7 Ultimate Direct Download Links.

Corel Draw Essential Tutorial Videos Watch Online for Free

Corel Draw is an amazing software for creating Vector Graphics & even editing Bitmap Images using the Corel Photo Paint add on it comes with. Now it contains many tools like Curve Tool, Pen Tool and many other interactive tool set that can be handy in getting your next masterpiece design. Well we have already provided the Corel Draw 2020 Full Cracked Version for Windows as Free Download and if you have downloaded that & now you want to learn it and make this lockdown count then we have Tutorial Videos for Corel Draw 2020 by Lynda.com that explains every single tool & helps you in getting around the interface in much easier way. You can easily learn everything from basics & start creating.

Download Windows 10 PRO 64 BIT .ISO Pre-Activated for Free

Windows 10 is the latest OS from Microsoft and its been a while it has released people are still searching for the OS to be downloaded so that they can upgrade from windows 7 OS as windows 8 was a complete mess. Microsoft has been pumping a good amount of updates to Windows 10 hence improvements are going on and many new features are added on daily basis. Security flaws are being fixed and overall I can say its the best OS till date that Microsoft has produced. Now if you are one searching for free download link for Windows 10 OS then you are lucky as we have that for you and you can download it easily using the links given below, on that later lets see why its the best OS right now.

03 May 2020

Simple Sliding Email Subscription Widget for Blogger Blogs

I have just started covering maximum blogger widget’s as many newbie blogger’s are coming forward into this line and they are continuously searching for tutorials and tricks on improvising their blog but side by side increasing new blogger visitors and creating a loyal base. Well the one thing they can do is add a good email subscription widget that will boost up their subscriber base hence getting more visitors as soon as you post out something. Today we have one another email subscription widget for your blogger blog that you can use to increase your email subscribers.

30 April 2020

How to Add Awesome Image Color Saturation Effect in Blogger

Image Saturation effect simply de-saturates your image in the normal mode and as soon as you hover over that image you will colours coming back and the image is once again saturated. Well we are not using any kind of JavaScript or stuff to do this effect but we will use the simple CSS transitions and saturation effect to achieve this awesome effect on your blogger image's.

[FIX] Blogger Contact Form not Working on Custom Templates

If you are the one like me who loves to have a clean and speedy blogger template then you might have also removed default CSS and JS lead by blogger in their templates to initiate few widgets and functionalities to work accordingly. Now they are not like the slow dummies, obviously they are being delivered from Google, so everything is well sorted out, but yes if you want everything to be customized the way you want and you are also using some third party widgets then these could be removed to increase your blogs speed. I have done that and I have removed everything from this blog, the speeds are great you can just try to run my site through page speed to see yourself.

26 April 2020

Load AdSense Ads on Scroll to Speedup your Blog or Website

Lazy loading AdSense ads can dramatically give a speed boost to your blog or website in a similar way like the lazy loading of images script does to your blog. So the whole point here is when the user lands on your blog or website, the adsense ads are not going to load until he scrolls the window, as soon as he scrolls the adsense ads script will load and show all the ads on your blog. This definitely helps you in getting speedy blog or website as the ads are not loaded hence the speed is going to be great.

24 April 2020

Adobe Photoshop 2020 Pre-Activated for Windows Free Download

Photoshop tool from Adobe has been a pioneer in image editing industry. They provide you with various predefined tools that help you in manipulating any image to the core. You can do some wonderful things using Photoshop. We have posted many Photoshop products but now we have the latest Photoshop 2020 from Adobe that provides you with some really innovative options to manipulate your images with ease. Major things like removing background from an image has been automated hence its much more easier for anyone to remove background from any image.

21 April 2020

Get Gaana Music Streaming Service Free 90 Days Subscription

Gaana.com a quiet popular music streaming service is running another promotional offer that provides you with free 90 days or 3 months of music streaming service, earlier we posted about the Avira Premium Security Suite that is also being provided free for 3 months. If you are avid music listener then Gaana App for music streaming would be familiar to you, it provides you with High Definition Music Streaming on any of your device. The best part about Gaana.com is that its service is available on desktop also, so you can play songs on your desktop too.