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21 October 2014

Join HackingUniversity Broadcast Channel on WhatsApp


Hello everyone I am starting a new WhatsApp broadcast group for sharing extensive knowledge with you all. Well I will be posting many awesome things, like riddles, facts, new English words hence improving vocabulary, blog updates will be posted too hence you could be easily notified when new posts are updated on our blog. Well the best part is that I will even provide free recharge for the winners who will answer my riddles. So I will write which riddle will give you free recharge and which not.

Receiving Free Recharge by Answering Riddles

Well by joining this broadcast channel, you will receive daily riddles that you can solve and improve your brain capacity. Well the best part is that in between I will even share some free recharge earning riddles, so people who answer those riddles first will receive free recharge. So no matter you answer the question earlier to get recharge or later to missing it you will still gain some vital knowledge.

Fun Stuff will be Shared

Well I will also share fun facts, funny jokes, funny shayaries and many other stuff depending on what people demands. So usually everyone loves reading all this stuff so I will be glad in sharing this with you all and you can also message me if you want something specific and we will easily provide you with all that stuff.

Receiving Blog Updates will be Easy

Now any future post is not away from you, as I will even post maximum updates right through this channel so that you get updated when I post something new on my blog. So next time you can click the direct link in the message and view the post instantly, hence staying updated with everything.

Is this Service Free or Paid ?

The best part everything you get if absolutely Free, you just have to share your number with me and then I will add you in my group and you can easily interact with me and get all those updates instantly. So now I have given instructions below on how you can easily subscribe to this WhatsApp Broadcast Channel, so follow the instructions and you will be and running. Now as soon as my broadcast I up, I will add you all and then fun stuff will start.

whatsapp subscribing instructions