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17 June 2018

How to Make Natural Hand Sanitizer using Home Products

Hand Sanitizers are basically essential in providing you with another level germ protection, after washing your hands you can apply some hand sanitizer which will in return help you in combating germs and other diseases. Now you can always opt for a clean packaged hand sanitizer from many brands available in the market like Dettol, Lifebuoy and many others, but what about being a scientist and creating one on your own using Home Based Products, well by home based products I typically mean products that are available in your home, else you can easily get these from market.

31 May 2018

Activate your Windows 7 using Windows Loader Tool for Free

So you have installed Windows 7 on your system and just got to know that it's not activated but the place from where you downloaded it showed it's a pre activated version and now you won't be able to change wallpapers change screensavers do a lot of personalization settings and a lot more without activation well we got you covered so in my earlier post I posted about Windows 7 ISO direct link two versions 64bit 32bit so people have downloaded it and possibly some of them activated Windows, those who were aware about the activation but many of them emailed me that Windows cannot be activated so here I am to fix your problem we have a nice application called Windows loader 2.0.6 by Daz, I'm not sure if they have the latest version or not because I just got this one and I uploaded it so it will help you out in activating your Windows.

29 May 2018

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32 & 64 Bit .ISO Free Download Links

Before this magnificent Windows 10 OS their once ruled another dragon that had captured everyone’s heart after Windows XP and its still being searched and being pumped into the systems of many IT professionals, well I am talking about Windows 7 Ultimate. Being the cleanest edition of Windows and with many less crashes as we have seen in Windows XP and even compatible with all modern applications. Well if you are the one who is searching for Windows 7 .ISO direct download links, well we got you covered.

04 April 2018

How to Extend JIO Prime Membership for Free for 1 Full Year

JIO Prime Membership was valid till 31st March 2018 and after that every single user needs to pay Rs.99/- to continue their prime membership. Well but Mr. Ambani is generous enough to offer another free year for its existing users and hence all the new users need to pay Rs.99/- to get JIO prime membership, but all the existing JIO Prime user will get its membership for free for 1 full year. So as the date 31st March 2018 is gone you all need to extend your prime membership and to get it for free, there is simple way.

26 February 2018

Happy Holi Facebook Status Updates, Messages & WhatsApp Greetings

So the most colorful festival basically celebrated in India is here and we all will be getting into this festival with full happiness. Greeting loved one’s who are abroad or maybe not reachable easily using social networking websites would be done with full messages, greetings and all those awesome stuff. So I just thought it would be a nice idea to post few awesome status updates or quotes that you can use to share with all your friends and family members.

29 December 2017

Happy New Year Messages & Greetings for Facebook & WhatsApp

A new year is going to start and we should all cherish the accomplishments we have achieved in this year and take oaths and resolutions for the upcoming year. Every year we do all these things, atleast take oaths that we will do, but lets change something and help someone in real need this year, I pledge that I will help any fellow person who really needs my help, you help someone in need and all your work will be done automatically. Apart from this its really important that you maintain good relation with your friends and family members. Not only wishing them will make upcoming year great for them and you, but follow your heart try maintaining real relation with them, but for some short relation here we present you with some beautiful, lovely and cherishing Happy New Year messages, greetings, quotes and status updates for your Facebook and even WhatsApp Friends. Share these update where ever you want.

25 December 2017

How to Easily FIX QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a in Windows

A lot of users are coming across QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a while utilizing the software application on Windows 10. This could be due to the some virus infected files or due to some update in the Antivirus Solution, whatever the case be we have 3 simple and quick fixes that will help you to get rid of this error code and use QuickBooks in smooth manner. The fixes we are providing are simple but effective so you don’t need to be any sort of techie to implement these fixes.

Avira Phantom VPN PRO with 1 Year Genuine Serial Key Free Download

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a necessity these days and its really important to have it enabled in case you are surfing some really confidential sites + if some sites are banned in your country then also it could be used to change your IP address and access that site. Well in past we have posted many VPN software’s for free with genuine license and serial keys like SecurityKISS Tunnel, Hotspot Shield VPN, F-Secure Freedome VPN and many more and we have even posted an awesome service that allows you to change your IP address easily, you can check that too, and today yet again we have another awesome VPN service. Avira Phantom VPN PRO that too with 1 year of genuine license.

Happy New Year 2018 Widgets for Decorating your Blogger Blog

Another year is going to end and we all will start our regime of taking a resolution and fulfilling it in this New Year, well from past 3 years I am also taking a resolution of maintaining my body but only GOD know what sort of health I am maintaining. Many of my friends have different plans but in my view none of them has fulfilled anything. But still things are going on and it will go on. Well even you can post some nice new year resolution status update on Facebook to motivate your friends. Either you follow it or not, it might still help. But being a blogger I love to decorate my blog with different widgets and stuff that could greet my visitors.

Prank your Friends with BOMBitUP SMS Bomber Android Application

You never leave anything that could help you in pranking your friends or family members out, well earlier we have posted many things that end up messing with someone’s day routine, but everything gets patched as soon as its discovered. Well today we have yet another awesome application that we have tested and it worked. So if you are planning to prank your friends then this awesome application will help you in bombing SMS messages to your victims. And its not FAKE, I have personally tested this application and you know whatever HackingUniversity posts its always LEGIT.