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14 February 2019

6 Most Popular Online Logo Maker and Logo Generator Tools

Do you have a business, blog or anything online or offline than you might have always thought to create an attractive logo for your company so that people can have a nice recognizing power when it comes dealing with you. Well if we talk about the offline purpose there are many logo creator tools which comes in huge sizes though they offer a huge set of tools but still they need some knowledge to be operated so for  that purpose we have online tools or website offering logo creation and manipulation services.

25 January 2019

40 Awesome Naughty Pick-Up Lines for Facebook Status

If you are planning to show your naughty side but still remain in a sense of humanity then this post is just right for you, pick-up lines are great to grab person’s attention towards, you can pretty easily commit anyone towards with some awesome but naught pick-up lines. Well but still if you wanna get little more rough towards the naughty then you can also check out 18+ Non-Veg Jokes for WhatsApp & Facebook warning these are seriously naughty and adult based, so if you are not above 18 please do now look at this post. I have already posted some of the amazing funky status messages for whatsapp and Facebook adding some desi taste with all those Punjabi tadka, but still if you crave for some more then below are most erotic, naughty lines you can post as status on Facebook or maybe message someone on WhatsApp for funny expressions. Below are some of the best and naughty pick-up lines which you use as status on Facebook, well these are not like normal ones but contains some mature dialogues in them so use them wisely and do not flood any girls wall with it muhahaha !

22 January 2019

How to Fix Blogger Photo Upload Issue via Open Live Writer

Open Live Writer is an amazing blog editor for any of your blogging platform, earlier Windows Live Writer used to rule this but it was discontinued and Open Live Writer was written to get the modern enhancements and security fixes by developers all over the world. Now its still cannot compete with windows live writer in terms of plugins support as it does not have currently but it will soon get some plugins support as suggested by some developers. So either you are on WordPress or blogger it makes your blogging journey a lot easy and fun to write all those long articles and even attaching some images to pamper your readers to a next level. But recently we found some problems and people on Blogger platform were not able to upload any image using open live writer, I am not sure why this actually happened but it might be due to some security patch by google or so.

21 January 2019

20 Top Most Vibrant & Peaceful Countries in the World

World is united together with the people belonging to different nations, different countries and few them have even evolved in this way that they have become the worlds most peaceful people hence contributing this to your country making their country the most peaceful place to visit, live and enjoy. Well in this post we are going to cover worlds top 20 most peaceful countries that people love to live and enjoy with their family. So lets see top most peaceful countries below.

27 December 2018

Awesome New Year Resolution Status Updates for Facebook

So here we are, first of all a very Happy New Year to all the loyal and royal readers of HackingUniversity well we are entering in a new year 2019 with new ideas for productivity and spreading happiness. Every is just enjoying the cold weather with their family on some outings, but other are in serious work for achieving more success this year. Many people are even posting their resolutions (some kind oath you take to achieve something personal in your life this year.) so they are just flooding the whole Facebook and twitter with their resolutions so even I came across one of my fellow blogs who just posted some awesome resolutions that might be good for you to post and get some liking from your friends.

Happy New Year 2019 Widgets for Decorating your Blogger Blog

Another year is going to end and we all will start our regime of taking a resolution and fulfilling it in this New Year, well from past 3 years I am also taking a resolution of maintaining my body but only GOD know what sort of health I am maintaining. Many of my friends have different plans but in my view none of them has fulfilled anything. But still things are going on and it will go on. Well even you can post some nice new year resolution status update on Facebook to motivate your friends. Either you follow it or not, it might still help. But being a blogger I love to decorate my blog with different widgets and stuff that could greet my visitors.

Happy New Year Messages & Greetings for Facebook & WhatsApp

A new year is going to start and we should all cherish the accomplishments we have achieved in this year and take oaths and resolutions for the upcoming year. Every year we do all these things, atleast take oaths that we will do, but lets change something and help someone in real need this year, I pledge that I will help any fellow person who really needs my help, you help someone in need and all your work will be done automatically. Apart from this its really important that you maintain good relation with your friends and family members. Not only wishing them will make upcoming year great for them and you, but follow your heart try maintaining real relation with them, but for some short relation here we present you with some beautiful, lovely and cherishing Happy New Year messages, greetings, quotes and status updates for your Facebook and even WhatsApp Friends. Share these update where ever you want.

02 December 2018

IObit Uninstaller PRO Free Download with Genuine Serial Key

IObit Uninstaller Software for windows is a handy tool for removing and uninstalling software's from your windows machine. You can easily remove all the registry entries and clean every single directory that related to that specific software. Its similar to Revo Uninstaller but with more modern and clean UI, I personally use Revo Uninstaller but now I have shifted to IObit uninstaller for removing software's from my windows machine. Its really simple and easy to use and combines many handy tools.

17 June 2018

How to Make Natural Hand Sanitizer using Home Products

Hand Sanitizers are basically essential in providing you with another level germ protection, after washing your hands you can apply some hand sanitizer which will in return help you in combating germs and other diseases. Now you can always opt for a clean packaged hand sanitizer from many brands available in the market like Dettol, Lifebuoy and many others, but what about being a scientist and creating one on your own using Home Based Products, well by home based products I typically mean products that are available in your home, else you can easily get these from market.

04 April 2018

How to Extend JIO Prime Membership for Free for 1 Full Year

JIO Prime Membership was valid till 31st March 2018 and after that every single user needs to pay Rs.99/- to continue their prime membership. Well but Mr. Ambani is generous enough to offer another free year for its existing users and hence all the new users need to pay Rs.99/- to get JIO prime membership, but all the existing JIO Prime user will get its membership for free for 1 full year. So as the date 31st March 2018 is gone you all need to extend your prime membership and to get it for free, there is simple way.