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CSS Styles Minifier

CSS Minifier is a free and simple tool to compress your CSS styles to save space and increase the loading speed of your blog or website. You can enter the whole bunch of CSS code starting from the class or id like .example{ (. represents a class) or #example{ (# represents an Id) and then ending with another bracket } all the code between these brackets will be compressed and made in a simple 1 line code. This tool will remove all the comments, semicolons and extra space taken by CSS code and it will make the code super compact.

css minifier online free tool

Using the below CSS Minifier Tool to Compress CSS Styles

As I have explained above about how this tool works now what you need to do to compress your CSS styles, well you just to enter your whole bunch of code like below into the below box and then choose all the desired options on how you want to compress your CSS Styles.

border:1px solid #aaa;

Your code might look something like above, so you just need to copy all your code and enter into the below field and press the Compress CSS button to start the minifier engine. This will make your code compact and small, hence you will have less clutter and will have faster blog load times. I have even posted about the CSS Widget Designer that could be used to create CSS based Widgets, you can check that too, its just great way to design and check your widgets.