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09 August 2016

Telegram Channels - Broadcast Message to Blog Readers

Telegram a similar social messaging application as WhatsApp has unveiled a new and very innovative feature called “Channels” using this feature you can broadcast your blog updates, messages and even send some of those awesome stickers to unlimited number of people joined under your channel. Yes this can increase your blog traffic as every single person will be delivered with the update instantly.

telegram channel feature

Earlier I started WhatsApp broadcast channel that delivered every single update instantly to you, I even shared some amazing tricks and hacks using that channel. But that has some limitations, we cannot create a broadcast channel more then 250 members and then there comes another lengthy step to save my number and then you will only be able to receive messages from my side.

But using Telegram channel’s thee is not restriction you can add unlimited numbers of members and they can join automatically too and sending updates is a breeze, you can either use a mobile app and even there desktop app is fun to use and it works dam! awesome.

How many Members can you have in a Telegram Channel for Broadcasting Message

As I have mentioned above telegram channels are free to use and can have unlimited number of members, but you only have the limitation to add first 200 members then anyone coming to your channel can join instantly without any request or anything. You can read more about Channel’s and gather more information from there FAQ page.

How One can JOIN a Free Telegram Channel and Receive Updates Easily

As I have said, telegram is a free service just like WhatsApp and you can join as many channels as you want on telegram. To join a channel its quiet easy but you need to know the name or ID of that channel, like for our is @hackinguniversity and you can use this to search our channel in telegram and join it.

join free telegram channel hackinguniversity

So you can see how we make a search for our name and we get our channel displayed, you need to do the same, and then you can open then channel and you will see a JOIN option, click that and you have successfully joined our channel or any channel.

Join HackingUniversity’s Telegram Channel and Receive Awesome Tricks & Hacks

So we are on Telegram and this looks like a more comfortable approach to reach all the readers and send them updates, WhatsApp is great too in matter of people using WhatsApp its awesome but Telegram Channels is more sexy approach, I liked using Telegram channels these are good, so we are on it, the only problem you will face once is to install Telegram on your phone or computer and then everything is going to be alright.

So install Telegram on your phone or desktop and then make a search for our channel with name”hackinguniversity” and join it, I assure, you won’t regret it, channels are amazing, and you can easily grab something good from it.

Join Our Telegram Channel

Try making one for your blog if you own one, add members and make a nice community, send and receive updates, its fun.