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Advertising has changed the way how people used to interact with everything online and offline, so anything you wanted to prompt can be done easily online using high profile blogs receiving tons of traffic, so you can showcase your product or service and can get huge audience and make some awesome bucks. So after a bigger thought I decided to convert HackingUniversity into the same platform allowing new advertisers to come and display their advertisement on our blog on monthly and weekly basis.

Well now something our blog well its ranked at 34K according to Alexa Tracking Service and has a 2PR by Google ! Well now that off course not too good but I think according to my hard working capability I have achieved a lot.

So displaying your advertisement on our blog will surely drive you're a lot of traffic in stats we can say somewhat about 4000 regular visitors visit this blog and our blog has page views of minimum 7,000 and max goes upto like 9,000 everyday.

Site Stats

Well below are some detailed site stats I think that might be useful in analyzing how useful it would be for you to display your advertisement on out blog. All the stats are recorded for the current day of posting this one so it might be increased or decreased at the time you are reading this post.

  1. Alexa Rank – is determined on regular basis, so it's a worldwide rank of any website and we are ranked 34K in the world so yes it's a nice position.
  2. Google Page Rank – well we have a PR of 2 out 10 that not too nice but still we have some reputation in this online world.
  3. Page Views – we as hosted on blogger have a page views count of approx. 8000+ so yes your ads will get a nice exposure. So if you are going for a monthly package then you will get a 2,40,000 page views refresh and 1,20,000 new awesome visitors.
  4. Facebook Stats – on facebook we recently crossed a 15,000 mark, whoo! hoo! I am really happy for that awesome count.
  5. RSS Subscriber – due to some problem I accidently deleted my earlier RSS subscribers that were like 3000+ but I opened another account and I have crossed 1K subscribers on that too.

Terms & Rules

Well displaying advertisement is not like you can ask for it, pay for it and display it, but there are few things you must be aware about before you can display any advertisement on out blog. So all the points are mentioned below so read them thoroughly.

  1. Your ads can be on monthly or weekly basis which ever suits you.
  2. Your should not have any kind of illegal or prated related things on your advertising website, it should be clean and fast.
  3. Your website must not have any kind of popping up ads, if so it should be limited to one as it might cause our visitors to face a bad experience.
  4. Your blog or website should not be using any of adult or porn related things, like ads, products, posts or any abusive things.
  5. You have to pay the whole amount first so that we can start displaying your advertisement.
  6. The banner you are going to create for your product or website should be well formatted according to what size you are going to choose. It should be JPEG, PNG or GIF format.
  7. There is not return for your money if you want to remove advertisement from out blog, so its your choice if you want to keep that ads for that period or not.


Below are the prices provided for displaying your ads on monthly basis, if you want go for weekly basis then you can contact me with your quote if it fits good then we will do that for you. So check them up.

Sidebar AD300 x 600 (I SPOT)
300 x 250 (1 SPOT)
300 x 150 (2 SPOT)
$700 (each)
$300 (each)
$150 (each)
Top Post AD624 x 60 (1 SPOT)$500 (each)
Bottom Post AD624 x 60 (1 SPOT)$300 (each)
Footer AD728 x 90 (1 SPOT)$200 (each)
Homepage AD624 x 60 (1 SPOT)$400 (each)

So prices are according to what traffic I am receiving and can be changed at any time without any notice but if you have already paid for the space then your ad will be displayed on what price its allowed at.

So now everything might be cleared on how exactly you will be able to display your advertisement, well now you can use the form on the above right o send me your query, you need to mentioned everything about what you are trying to advertise for. So after which if I think your website or blog is ok I will contact you with the prices and other stuff.