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Torrent2exe : Download Torrents Without Torrent Client

Downloading Torrents using IDM with zBigz support is not working for you guys and you are finding something else that could work for you, well now you can download torrents using a small .exe file than will contain your download and automatically start downloading your torrent to any location on your computer.

Torrent2exe is good as it allows you to download your torrent files without any bittorent client as it has a bittorent client embed in itself. Now you just need to have a direct link to your torrent file and than you can get a direct download link to .exe file than when run will automatically start downloading your torrent file.

So now check below steps on how to use Torrent2exe and easily download torrent files.

  1. Visit Torrent2exe.com
  2. Now just add the direct link to your torrent file with .torrent extension, in the field provided on their website.
  3. Now choose Normal Size or Small Size, small size will be like 50KB but it will download additional files, so just get the normal size it will be like 1.5 MB.
  4. Now just double click on the .exe file you have downloaded and grant it permissions.
  5. Now it will ask to add exception in firewall so that there is no blockage in downloading.
  6. So now it will show you files that will be downloaded and place where you want it to be downloaded.
  7. Just choose the place and start your download. So after your download has been started you will see everything download speed, upload speed and other stuff like a normal torrent client but its just executable file than you can delete after your torrent has been downloaded.
  8. So now you can see the above screenshot of the torrent downloading using Torrent2exe, well you will not see any nice speed boost like IDM but still it's a good alternative to normal bittorent clients.