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27 June 2017

Top 9 Websites for Watching Movies Streaming Online for Free

All of us adore the thought of viewing movies, films, some tv series on your computer or mobile using just internet and online services, no strings attached no apps to be downloaded, no software crap. While a few of you could believe this is perhaps not authorized, I would say why not try something illegal, online free movie streaming services provided by all the sites mentioned below. There are a lot of web sites which allows you to watch free movies streaming instantly without signing up for any anything & within few clicks you can have home theatre experience right away. So we have tried our best to cover the best one's, so check them out.

Free movie streaming sites online

Top Websites for Streaming Movies Online for Free

So below is the list of all the sites and services that provides you with free movie streaming option, many of them have TV Series and Anime option too which is nice as you could have different taste and they could all of them, now the list is obviously BIG and it expands and changes daily, as these sites are not legal, so they could get doomed or server downtime error could happen. Sites could also change their domains, many refer to their new domain but few are totally out of luck with country limitations, so you could see error while loading few sites, now I will update the list when maximum of the sites get down and are not working, so please bookmark this page and stay updated.

You could also use some other services for watching free movies easily and instantly like POPCORN TIME which is an amazing service and I simply love it for its neat materialistic design, faster loading and abundance of data to be streamed. You can just watch anything, anywhere easily using that service and if you still don’t find the movie or series you wanted to watch, then you even have the ROX Player that simply takes the magnet link of any torrent you could like to download and starts streaming it immediately, very fast and effective, you could use that too.

List of Websites for Streaming Free Movies Online

So lets get started with our list and see all the sites that ae currently active and allows you to stream content easily on any device with good internet connection at your disposal, you could also use some VPN service if the site is not working for you in your country, so have fun and lets get started.

  1. BMovies – site provides simple and elegant design combined with hover effect on all the movie posters that displays further more useful information about the movie, IMDB Rating, Play Time, Release year, Country and brief description about the movie.It also displays if the movie is available in HD or SD for streaming. The best part this website is fully responsive and either you are watching this site on desktop or mobile you will get the best view every time. You can simply click on the Movie Poster and press the play button, in case the server is not available it even displays other servers that you choose to play the movie from, I have tested this site and movie plays seamlessly without any errors really good site to watch free movies streaming online, you can visit the site using: bmovies.cloud b movies main homepage screenshot
  2. Vumoo – is another nice site I found that worked and streamed movies instantly. I tried to search for the latest editions on the site like Bad Boys, Invisible Mam, BloodShot all those movies were added and streamed instantly without any server lag. Design is pretty much like same as BMovies I don’t know if they share the same DNA or maybe the template that is used is pretty same but its also clean and responsive so you can either watch it on your mobile device or computer no matter it will work on both flawlessly. They also have that same IMDB Rating system and description thing so you always what you are going to watch, you can visit the site using: vumoo.life vumoo life main page screenshot
  3. Flixtor – movie streaming site could also be used to stream movies and tv shows instantly on your computer or mobile as the site is responsive. Movies are playing well but few of them have lower quality, so you need to check if that movie is available in HD or not, else I tried few latest of them and they were working quiet fine. I also came across few titles that were not listed on other site so that could be fun to have something new using this site. As soon as you hover over the movie poster you will see the i icon that displays more information about the movie which is nice for you to see before you actually doom your data on that movie. release dates and other things are also mentioned, so it would be nice for you to have a look before you actually start streaming that movie, you can visit: flixtor.life flixtor online movie streaming site screenshot
  4. 1Movies – provides quality content with simple site navigation, well they have all the latest movies, in case you are not able to see the latest movie, please make sure to search their database to find one and enjoy streaming that movie for free. One thing I did not like about it is the small popups that keeps coming from side, which distracts you but once you have started streaming the movie there is not issue in streaming the whole episode or movie that's for sure. Even their site is responsive so either you have mobile device or computer you are good to go and stream anything you would like too. You can even scramble through the Genre Section and find something that you would love to watch, you can visit: 1Movies.is 1 movies movie streaming service main screenshot
  5. 123Movies – another renowned name in the world of free movie streaming online but many clones have been made of this same site and many times it has been taken down but someway or another it gets back its fame and charm and tips online with another domain, I have found the best one that is working and streaming quality content for free and instantly. The name on the site does not reflect the same with the domain name but that might be something that should not be concerned about, the main thing that matters is if it streams all the movies and yes it stream every single movie easily and effortlessly. Site is responsive as usual so you can stream on any device. Hover function gives you further details about the movie you are about to watch and they even have servers listed below every movie stream that could be used in case that particular server is not able to get your movie to stream, you can switch to other server and start streaming again, you can visit: d123movies.com 123 movies site for streaming movies online for free screenshot
  6. BMoviesFree – I am not sure if its related to BMovies I have listed earlier but it came randomly and I tried and it worked flawlessly, everything worked great, movie stream fast and easily without any issues. You can navigate through TOP IMDB Movies and play the best ones chosen by experts. Its responsive site design allows you to stream on any device you have. It also has that same HOVER functionality that helps you to easily check more details about the movie, you can visit using this link: BMoviesFree.ru b movies free ru movie streaming site screenshot
  7. Movies4U – is another great site to watch free streaming movies online but let me remind its slow, sometimes Server 1 is not working then you need to switch to Server 2 and it works but it takes its time, but the thing is that you need to watch the movie and it works quality is High Definition which is great, so you can visit this site too to watch some latest movies and tv shows, site is responsive so all devices would be compatible in streaming quality content. It even has that A-Z thing so you can go and check all movies lister under any Alphabet, you can visit: movies4u.co movies4u movie streaming site screenshot
  8. GOMovies123 – another version of 123Movies works too but I have found some server lags on this site but eventually I was able to stream movies for free easily using this site, design is familiar as its old and same as 123Movies, possibly 123Movies owns this domain, I am not sure about that but what matters is content and free streaming and its working using this site. Database is huge and you could possibly watch dozens of awesome movies and other streaming content. You can visit: gomovies123.live gomovies123
  9. LookMovie – is another site that you can use to stream free movies online, but it feels like somewhat outdated but yes still solves the purpose of streaming content easily, beware you will get a lot of popups and notifications, so make you have good popup blocker installed to avoid all those crappy stuff and yes you have unblock site from adblocker as it prompts you to else video won’t load, so that is drawback of this site else it works and you can play streams easily from it, you can visit: lookmovie.ag look movie free movie streaming service online

So guys this was list that was created helping you out in watching and enjoying movies online for free. Well obviously these are not only these sites that could be used in order to view movies online but these were the major one's that have some heavy standing between the crowd of other online sites. I will be updating this post according to site’s working status and more sites that allows free movie streaming will be added accordingly, please make sure to bookmark this post for future updates, you can also subscribe to our Telegram Channel for all future updates, and yes if you think I missed some good sites that needs to be listed, do comment below.