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03 April 2013

5 Tips to Optimize your Blogger Post before Publishing

blogger-logoBlogging is literally the best way to gain more skills and knowledge in the online world, you simply interact with thousands of daily visitors trying to gain knowledge from your side so it becomes a important part of your life to share good things with them, but are newbie blogger's doing this blogging work in right way, are they applying all the optimization on blogger post before actually publishing it in real world, well I think No because even when I started blogging I was not aware about these things and I was just cramming my blog with crap. So to day in this post I will tell you 5 important tips for optimizing your blogger post before actually publishing it.

  1. Content - is literally the most important thing anyone could use to highly optimize their post for organic and genuine traffic. A nice innovative post idea can take anyone's blog to a new level. So what exactly comes in this content head, well text is the most important thing that makes your content approved for Google traffic but to make it much more attractive and realistic we use images, good and colorful images simply adds a taste for any reader to come and check that post. So I highly recommend you to add as much content as you can so that Google takes that post to top in search.
  2. Post Title - is the second most important thing, well a title that is rich in keywords but is side by side relevant to post content is really good in terms of SEO. So you should always try out different titles before actually posting any article. So make sure you even give it a oral try and think what reader might type to get to your post. So its really useful.
  3. Headings - you might have heard about heading H1 - H6, well those are not just small in size and for looks only but they have a huge importance in search engine world, well they are simply used to specify good headings, so if you want to highlight something you can use them as headings. So H1 has major importance in search engine, so basically every post title is automatically H1 in wordpress but H1 or H3 in blogger. But you can easily optimize blogger titles for higher search results.
  4. Permalink - is top most URL that is considered as the address to any post. So its like http://www.hackinguniversity.in/2013/03/xxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx.html, so as you can see this is considered as the permalink URL and after blogger released blogger search preferences SEO feature this option was added to it for creating manual permalink for any post. So you can navigate to Blogger > New Post > Permalink. So now from right over here you can create permalink for that post but make sure you only use best keywords specifically for that post so it will look more professional.
  5. Search Description - is also know <meta description> tag so its much more important then <meta keywords> tag as said by Matt Cutt's so he states that adding description to a post is much more important then adding few keywords to that post because description automatically contains many keywords so one should obviously add that thing. So you can easily add that by going to Blogger > New Post > Search Description. So now add 2-3 lines for good description about that post as this is going to be displayed in search results.

So I think these were 5 best tips to optimize your blogger post before actually publishing it in the real world, now optimizing is really necessary as it is going to bring more visitors to your website and in return you are going to make huge money from them. So make sure you follow them and do comment if you have more good tip to share & have fun :)