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27 February 2013

Few Things you must know before applying for AdSense

dollar-signIf you think you have started blogging for just making money and off course you came across the AdSense platform and you think that if you start a simple blog with no rule's following strategy and without any discipline you can make huge bucks with AdSense that possibly the wrong thing you are assuming, off course AdSense is the best option for making money as its alternative adbrite was taken down so you do not have much choice to choose from else you can go with Yahoo Bing ads that do not pay a huge payout.

Well even AdSense asks you to provide a well operated and maintained website to get into their program, but let me tell you guys if you get into their program you are not going to regret that, as it's the most awesome and easiest way to make money.

So I would be telling you few things or points that you should obviously follow or use before applying for a AdSense account. So check them below.

  1. Top Level Domain – now if you have started your blog using .blogspot platform or like free wordpress.com platform you might get a free space with unlimited blogging capacity but obviously your name is in sub domain like earlier I used to have hackinguniversity.blogspot.com which after words I migrated to hackinguniversity.in, so having a top level domain name like example.com, example..net, example.org, example.in is really important before applying for their program, they have strictly mentioned this point in their policy. So make sure you own a domain before you have that AdSense acc.
  2. Content – content is the main thing that you might consider before getting your steps into the AdSense room, if you are dirty then you are going to be thrown out, so content like hacking articles, cracking tools, adult content, selling illegal drugs, pirated stuff, violent videos and pretty much more stuff that you think can harm the human nature is surely not acceptable in the AdSense program. So make sure you run a simple calm website with the way for growing knowledge not destroying knowledge. So provide unique and rich content without an copy trace from other website. 
  3. Blog Design – really plays a big role in getting you approved for AdSense, well if you have a blog design with lots of other ads like infolinks, adhitz, adf.ly scripts, linkbucks links and any other popping up ads then you are surely going to get disapproved from AdSense. As your website is reviewed manually by a AdSense team member so if he find hard enough to find content and he is just greeted by those popping ads he will surely no approve your application. So make sure your blog design is simple and has rick content.
  4. Outbound Links – normally if you do not provide any illegal content but you are providing links to those hacking or cracking website, maybe some downloading website that's hosting that paid pirated product then again you are making your blog at risk for loosing your AdSense appeal. So make sure your  outbound linking is in your niche and that too piracy and hacking free.
  5. Google Products – if you have created a blog to show off how Google products work and how to manipulate their stuff, or providing articles like Download YouTube Videos for free well let me these are strictly prohibited, they have mentioned in their policies that you cannot provide any thing related to Google or its products so if you are make sure to delete them before applying for AdSense.
  6. Compulsory Site Pages – well few people say that your website should have those privacy page that explains everything about your website works and what you capture from your users and other stuff but I did not have any privacy page until I made it 6 days ago, so I am using AdSense from like 1 year and I did not have any page related to privacy policy and that did not matter anything but still if you are new you can have it to complete every possible step to get into their program.

So possibly these were the few things or points I think you should be aware about and you should be using them before applying for your AdSense account. Well if you think I forgot something do comment so that I can post that too and we all could help upcoming new generation bloggers :)