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28 December 2015

Add New year Countdown Widget on your Blogger Blog

Greetings everyone RJ here with another countdown widget for the upcoming New Year occasion, well now this new year is going to be somewhat happening as I think it would remove all those sad endings from your life and transform your soul into a refreshed beast, well now for this new occasion lets take some resolutions so that we can make this year really outstanding. So recently we just celebrated the Christmas occasion by posting some awesome messages on your friends wall, but I though it would be nice to share a count down widget displaying the time left for the upcoming new year.

new year widget

So now I have just modified a countdown widget and it looks pretty good, you can apply it onto your blog to greet and remind your readers that the new year is coming and its time to celebrate. Well just have a look @ below working demo of this widget.

New Year's Eve Countdown :)
: :

So now if you think it looks pretty good, below are the instructions on how you can add this widget onto your blogger or wordpress blogs pretty easily.

  1. Open Blogger > Layout > Add Gadget.
  2. Now choose HTML/JavaScript Gadget & add below code into it.

    <style>#TimerDiv{background: #f6f6f6 url(;border-radius:3px;font-family:Verdana;font-size:40pt;padding:10px;margin:20px auto;text-align:center;color:white}#clock-days{color:green;font-weight:700}#clock-hr,#clock-mins,#clock-secs{font-family:courier new}#clock-hr{font-weight:700}#clock-secs{color:#FBFF00}</style><div id="TimerDiv">New Year's Eve Countdown !<br/><span id="clock-days"></span> <font face="Georgia"><em>Days</em></font><br /><span id="clock-hr"></span><span class="clock-sep"> : </span><span id="clock-mins"></span><span class="clock-sep"> : </span><span id="clock-secs"></span></div></a><script type="text/JavaScript">
    function startTimer(){var e=new Date("January 1, 2017 00:00:00");var n=e.getTime();var r=new Date;var i=r.getTime();var s=n-i;var o=s/864e5;var u=23-r.getHours();var a=59-r.getMinutes();var f=59-r.getSeconds();if(Math.floor(o)<=-1){document.getElementById("TimerDiv").innerHTML="It's New Year Time, Friends!<br/>Happy New Year 2017"}else{document.getElementById("clock-days").innerHTML=Math.floor(o);document.getElementById("clock-hr").innerHTML=u;document.getElementById("clock-mins").innerHTML=a;document.getElementById("clock-secs").innerHTML=f}t=setTimeout("startTimer()",999)}startTimer()

  3. That's it now just hit Save Gadget option and you are done.

So guys I wish you all a very Happy New Year in advance and I hope this new year will take away your miseries and grant your with awesome & healthy life, so greet people with respect and do combine your soul with your heart for make optimum decisions.