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Some Airtel Secret Codes - Airtel Codes Revealed 2012

airtel-logoAirtel is that communication network that’s widely spread in many countries and right now the most preferred network in India for all communication needs. They provide us with high speed Internets, 2G and 3G facility and also comes up with Dish Televisions. Well there are many websites that will provide you with many tricks and hacks for Airtel for increasing efficiency by we are providing you some secret codes that you must know which might gain you some more productivity from this efficient network.

28 Awesome Airtel Codes :

# To Do The Code What Code Does
1 Call 121 Customer Care
2 Call 1909 Activate or Deactivate DND Service
3 Dial *123# Balance Enquiry
4 Dial *121*5# Deactivating Services
5 Dial *555# NOP Service
6 Dial *222# Special 5 Offers
7 Dial *141# Airtel Gift Service
8 Dial *325# Free Facebook Access 1Rs./Day
9 Dial *515# Twitter Service
10 Dial *121# Airtel my Offers
11 Dial *123*7# and *123*10# Checking GPRS Balances
12 Dial *125*5# Daily GPRS Pack 5Rs./Day
13 Dial *567# MO Activation or Deactivation
14 Dial 198 Lodging Complaints
15 Dial 123 Recharging Account
16 Dial *566# Must Buy Service
17 Dial 198p2p1p4p2 Direct Calling Customer Care
18 Dial *123*11# Checking 3G Data Balance
19 Send All to 543210 GPRS Settings
20 Send LIVE to 52567 Airtel Live Settings
21 Send MRP FULLTT to 51619 Full Talk-time Offers
22 Send MRP TRF to 51619 Tariff Plans
23 Send MRP SMS to 51619 SMS Packs
24 Send MRP GPRS to 51619 GPRS Packs
25 Send 3G to 121 Activating 3G Packs
26 Send START to 121/1210 Start Any Service
27 Send STOP to 121/1210 Stop Any Service
28 Send PORT to 1900 Mobile Portability Service
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