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09 August 2013

Uninstall Software's Completely & Remove every Trace


When ever we install software's on our PC or Mac or any other OS we usually add many folder’s, registry entries and much more that are not known to you but are installed secretly by every software for maybe its working or other things. So at the time you are uninstalling that software you are just doing a part work, you still have traces of that software all around your PC, well uninstalling them manually can be done but it will take some technical skills, well to overcome this problem we have a very nice solution called Revo-Uninstaller that proves to be the best Uninstaller you could ever get for your machine.

So basically what Revo-Uninstaller does is it scans your system’s drive, registry editor and other places for the left overs of the software you have just installed. So from the time you execute Revo-Uninstaller you will see how fast it just removes every thing from your computer and makes your computer clean.

Revo-Uninstaller Free & Pro Version

Well Revo-Uninstaller has two version one for the non paying client and another one for the clients who do not comprise with optimum solutions, well yes there is a huge difference between free and pro version , but if you are just thinking to give a try to Revo-Uninstaller well freeware version will work perfect as I used it up and it worked like a charm. So in the free version you get advanced mode scanning function that scans for left overs deeply and you even get 8 other tools for more optimum cleaning process.

But if you compare the paid version with this free one well you will find the other one has so many awesome features like real time tracking of software’s are bring installed and where its files are being pasted up, so that at the time of removing that software from your PC it can much more easier and convenient. You can also do multiple install’s and uninstalls. So now lets jump in to see how you can install the free version and use it to remove your system’s unwanted software's.

Installing Revo-Uninstaller on Windows

Well installing Revo-Uninstaller is a simple task as you just need to download the software from the manufactures website and run its file, but Revo-Uninstaller provides you two version in free option, standalone installer and portable version.Well I will recommend that you should install portable version as its more convenient to be used.

  1. Download Revo-Uninstaller Portable Version [Link]
  2. Now just extract the package using WinRAR or other software.
  3. Now you will find a .exe file double click it up.
  4. This file will create two more files so that’s not a problem.
  5. Now you will see window like above showing you all the software’s installed on your machine, well now just right click on the one you wanna uninstall.
  6. Now it will ask you, if you really wanna uninstall that software just click on Yes and follow the steps, you will get some windows asking you the more just choose Advanced mode that scans more deeply for any leftover.
  7. Now it will scan the registry, just mark the entries and delete them up, well that’s it. So for full using information just check out the below video.