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27 October 2011

Create Small Summaries from Long Paragraphs Easily

Create Small Summaries from Long Paragraphs EasilySo what's the easiest way to learn something really in huge paragraphs, well you simply summaries them in some short lines picking some best content from that package and making it short package. Well this can be really helpful for your studies and other things their when you have to learn them on the go so today I am revealing you another amazing online service which summarizes your long paragraphs easily.

Freesummarizer is an amazing online service which can convert your long paragraphs into small summaries within seconds, you juts have to mention how much lines you want in your summary and that’s it. So the process is also really easy let me explain it below.

Steps to make small summaries from big paragraphs .:

1. Simply visit Freesummarizer.com

2. Now you will see a box saying Copy and paste your loooong text below, and it will be also containing some default text which you can use too see how it work.

Create Small Summaries from Long Paragraphs Easily3. So now after pasting some nice long paragraphs you have to click on Summarize Now !

4. Now your big long paragraphs will be converted into small summaries like below which you can easily memorize.

Create Small Summaries from Long Paragraphs Easily

5. So now you can see in the above image how your paragraph is summarized into small lines so enjoy this amazing online service and have fun.